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Child Abuse and Maltreatment: Interdisciplinary Journal
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There are now many scholars, researchers and professionals in Italy concerned with child maltreatment and abuse - psychologists, doctors, judges, teachers, social workers, police, lawyers, etc., who, in their different professional fields and with their differing perspectives, come into daily contact with the problems of maltreated children requiring protective intervention. The subject raises many issues as well as theoretical and operational problems: how to prevent the onset of abuse; how to identify and record it; how to protect children; how to treat them; how to deal with the family crisis underlying the violence in order to safeguard, where possible, the rights of the child and parents to rebuild positive affective links; how to adopt adequate measures in cases where the original family is unable to look after the children. However, it is not just a question of knowing how to construct multi-disciplinary strategies which require the contribution and constant collaboration of different professionals and services, rather, it is, above all, about acquiring analytical tools and theoretical models in order to give sense and meaning to operational practices. Following the example of developments in European and extra-European contexts, Italy is witnessing a progressive development in empirical research, experimentation and clinical analysis across the various disciplines. The need to unify and provide a voice, in the form of a scientific and multi-disciplinary journal, to the analysis and work of the many Italian scholars, whilst also offering a forum for comparison and debate, are the reasons for the journal Maltrattamento e abuso all’infanzia. The intention is to cover scientifically important themes and to supply information on more advanced intervention techniques that can be used by professionals across various fields. The journal has been organized in such a way as to give space in every issue to a specific theme which constitutes the Focus section. We also envisage a section "Research, essays, review" to host scientific work on various subjects. The section "Brief reports: Research notes, Experiences, Law and relevant Documentation" will occasionally propose brief research reports based on the experiences of work groups, teams and services, as well as documents and laws to stimulate reflection on significant topics in the legal field, new legislative initiatives and laws already in force. The following are consistent with the outlook of the journal: work based on reviews of the literature; original quantitative empirical research; research based on meta-analysis; original qualitative contributions; presentations of models and theories; comments; critical reviews.

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Editor-in-Chief: Paola Di Blasio (Milano, Italy). Associate Editors: Filippo Calamoneri (Messina, Italy), Marisa Malagoli Togliatti (Roma, Italy). Executive Editors: Elena Camisasca (Coordinator), Simona Caravita, Chiara Ionio, Luca Milan, Sarah Miragoli. Scientific Board: Brunetto Boscherini (Roma, Italy), Melita Cavallo (Roma, Italy), Vincenzo Cesareo (Milano, Italy), Livia Pomodoro (Milano, Italy), Assunto Quadrio (Milano, Italy), Giuseppe Vico (Milano, Italy). International Editorial Board: Vittoria Ardino (London, UK), Grazia Attili (Roma, Italy), Anne Bogat (East Lansing, Michigan, USA), Vincenzo Caretti (Palermo, Italy), Stefano Cirillo (Milano, Italy), Santo Di Nuovo (Catania, Italy), Piero Forno (Milano, Italy), Gabrio Forti (Milano, Italy), Susanna Mantovani (Milano, Italy), Francesco Montecchi (Roma, Italy), Alberto Pellai (Milano, Italy), María José Rodrigo (La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain), Fabio Roia (Milano, Italy), Giorgio Tamburlini (Trieste, Italy), Aldert Vrij (Portsmouth, UK), David A. Wolfe (Toronto, Canada).

Editorial Office: Research Center on Developmental and Educational Dynamics (CRIdee), Catholic University of Milan, Largo Gemelli 1, 20123 Milano Tel. 02/72342588 - 02/72343642; e-mail:

Each article will undergo examination, anonymously, by two experts. Of these only one could be a member of the scientific or editorial board. In the case of differing judgments between the first two reviewers, the work will be submitted to a third reviewer. The Editors and the Executive Editors may decide not to submit the work to any reviewer if the article is judged not in conformity with the journal ‘s stated aims . The reviewer’s evaluations will be sent to the Authors also if they are negative

Classified in Class A by Anvur (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) in: Education and History of Education and Didactic, Inclusive Education and Educational Research

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The circulation of the magazine is intended to enhance the impact at an audience of scholars and practitioners: psychologists, educators, mental health professionals, teachers, judges, social workers, lawyers and all pratictioners involved with the protection of minors.

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Issue 3/2016 Focus monotematico. Condotte sessuali "devianti" e relazioni disfunzionali:ricerca e trattamento
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Paolo Giulini, Focus monotematico. Condotte sessuali "devianti" e relazioni disfunzionali: ricerca e trattamento
Giuseppe Craparo, Silvia Fasciano, Antonia Tomasello, Angela Micciché, Giulia Costanzo, Valentina Costantino, Simona Grilli, Silvestro Lo Cascio, Vincenza Cannella, Irene Petruccelli, Alessio Gori, Reati a sfondo sessuale: il ruolo dei traumi infantili, delle distorsioni cognitive e della psicopatia sul rischio di recidiva (Sex crimes: The role of early childhood trauma, cognitive distortions, and psychopathy on the risk of recidivism)
Chiara Petrocchi, Mario D'Aguanno, Patrizia Velotti, Giulio Cesare Zavattini, Psicopatologia, esperienze traumatiche e attaccamento nella prostituzione adolescenziale (Psychopathology, traumatic experiences and attachment in adolescent prostitution)
Paolo Giulini, Federica de Gregorio, Il minore reo sessuale tra pena e trattamento: una ricerca nell’area milanese (Juvenile sex offenders and probation practices in Milan area)
Anna Lubrano Lavandera, Michela Criscuolo, Laura Carla Galante, Caratteristiche individuali e dinamiche relazionali nel rifiuto genitoriale: un confronto tra gruppi (Individual characteristics and relational dynamics of parental reject in high conflict divorce: a between groups comparison)
Laura Pedrini, Alberto Ghilardi, Salute mentale materna e attaccamento madre-bambino nella gravidanza a rischio: una revisione sistematica (Mother’s mental health and mother-infant attachment in high-risk pregnancy: A systematic review)
Mitia Rendiniello, Elena Ierardi, Maria Giulia Olivari, Gloriana Rangone, Eventi traumatici e attaccamento nel Disturbo Bipolare (Traumatic events and attachment in Bipolar Disorder)

Issue Suppl. 2/2016 Fascicolo speciale 2016 - Forme di violenza e conseguenze psicologiche
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Paola Di Blasio, Forme di violenza e conseguenze psicologiche
Chiara Ionio, Elvira Ripamonti, Rappresentazione mentale del Sé e funzionamento psicologico in bambini vittime di violenza: uno studio pilota (Mental representation of the Self and psychological functioning in children who are victims of violence: A pilot study)
Ada Cigala, Arianna Mori, Le competenze emotive in bambini con storia di maltrattamento: cosa ci dice la ricerca? (Emotional competences in children with history of maltreatment)
Togliatti Marisa Malagoli, Lavadera Anna Lubrano, Il rifiuto e il disagio dei figli nei casi di separazione conflittuale: possibili percorsi evolutivi (Denial and maladjustment of children in cases of conflictual divorce: Possible developmental pathways)
Maria Cristina Verrocchio, Psicopatologia dei genitori e maltrattamento (Parental psychopathology and child maltreatment)
Migena Lahi, Miretta Prezza, Le conseguenze della violenza domestica sul benessere fisico delle donne (The consequences of domestic violence on women’s physical wellbeing)
Vittoria Ardino, Paola Di Blasio, Luca Milani, Disturbo Post-Traumatico e comportamento criminale: rischio di recidiva e costrutti personali (Post-traumatic stress and criminal behaviour: Re-offending risk and personal constructs)

Issue 2/2016 
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Rossella Procaccia, L’ascolto del minore vittima di violenza tra esigenze cliniche e giuridiche
Paolo Capri, La valutazione del minore nelle perizie in ipotesi di abuso sessuale (The expert evaluation of the child in case of sexual abuse)
Claudia Scolari, Linee guida e protocolli per l’intervista del minore sessualmente abusato: una rassegna (Guidelines and protocols for the interview of the sexually abused child: A review.)
Sarah Miragoli, Rossella Procaccia, Paola Di Blasio, Analisi comunicativa dell’audizione del minore vittima di abuso sessuale: il ruolo dell’età (Communicative analysis of the allegations of child sexual abuse: The role of age.)
Simona Di Folco, Gaia de Campora, Giulio Cesare Zavattini, Sintonie e dissintonie nei legami precoci: traiettorie di valutazione e considerazioni cliniche nei contesti ad alto rischio per lo sviluppo infantile (Attunement and dis-attunement in early interactions: Directions for the assessment and clinical implications in high-risk settings for infant development)
Grazia Attili, Lorenza Di Pentima, Alessandro Toni, Antonio Roazzi, Trascuratezza emotiva, attaccamento e ansia da separazione nei disturbi alimentari: uno studio su pazienti adolescenti e sui loro genitori (Emotional neglect, attachment and separation anxiety in eating disorders: A study on adolescents and their parents)
Angela Cammarella, Anna Ferracci, Nico Gizzi, Francesca Menozzi, Genitorialità, dinamiche relazionali ed esiti evolutivi sui figli di coppie miste coinvolti in situazioni di abuso (Parenting, relationship dynamics and developmental outcomes for abused children of intercultural couples)
Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio, Conflittualità genitoriale e sintomatologia da stress post-traumatico nei figli: uno studio esplorativo (Parental conflict and posttraumatic stress symptoms in children: An exploratory study.)

Issue 1/2016 Focus monotematico. Essere vittime di bullismo discriminatorio: esiti e fattori di rischio negli studi internazionali. Simona C. S. Caravita ( a cura di)
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Simona C. S. Caravita, Focus monotematico. Essere vittime di bullismo discriminatorio: esiti e fattori di rischio negli studi internazionali
Elisa Donghi, Il fenomeno del bullismo discriminatorio: benessere psicologico e adattamento delle vittime (Discriminatory Bullying: Psychological well-being and victims’ social adjustment)
de Oliveira Wanderlei Abadio, Jorge Luiz da Silva, Querino Rosimár Alves, Silva Marta Angélica Iossi, Experiences and perceptions of discrimination related to bullying among Brazilian students
Simona C. S. Caravita, Elisa Donghi, Annalisa Banfi, Federica Meneghini, Essere immigrati come fattore di rischio per la vittimizzazione nel bullismo: uno studio italiano su caratteristiche individuali e processi di gruppo (Being immigrant as factor risk to be bullied: An Italian study on individual characteristics and group processes)
Grazia Attili, Lorenza Di Pentima, Alessandro Toni, Antonio Roazzi, Reazioni dei genitori in situazioni problematiche e attribuzioni di causa: le aspettative dei bambini maltrattati (Parental reactions in difficult situations and attributional styles: Expectations by maltreated children.)
Francesca De Palo, Alessandra Simonelli, Nicoletta Capra, L’esposizione prenatale alle droghe come forma di maltrattamento. Un caso singolo dalla gravidanza ai 24 mesi di vita del bambino (Prenatal drug exposure as maltreatment condition. A single case from pregnancy to 24 month of child’s life.)
Gaia Cucci, Recensioni
A cura della Redazione, Iniziative, convegni, siti internet

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