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Fine-Tuning Medical Writing Pitfalls and strategies Fine-Tuning Medical Writing Pitfalls and strategies
Renzo Mocini (1058.57)
This book is the outcome of a series of reflections concerning some of the major difficulties Italian healthcare researchers and students often encounter when writing academic articles in English. The contents of the volume are informed by an interdisciplinary approach based mainly on the PICO model, a mnemonic expedient used in Evidence-Based Medicine and referring to the four elements typical of clinical inquiry (Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome) and the possible harbinger of recovery.
Communicating medicine popularizing medicine  Communicating medicine popularizing medicine
Franca Daniele, Giuliana Garzone (1058.46)
This book is a collection of original chapters on various aspects of healthcare communication. The variety of the studies presented bears witness to the inherent complexity of the transmission and dissemination of knowledge in the medical domain, characterized by different levels of specialization and diversified purposes, from care and treatment to health prevention, from medical training to awareness campaigns.