Narrazione come iniziazione alla vita. L'accompagnamento autobiografico nelle transizioni all'adultità

Autori/Curatori Duccio Demetrio
Anno di pubblicazione 2007 Fascicolo 2007/2 Lingua Italiano
Numero pagine 12 P. 9-20 Dimensione file 72 KB
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Telling stories as life initiations. The autobiographical approach to the study of the transition to the adulthood ABSTRACT: In his paper, the author pinpoints the link between education and autobiographical approach during the transition to adulthood. He demonstrates that we cannot assimilate education and narrative approach whenever we study this life-phase. Demetrio focalizes on the youth as endless training to the adulthood whose nature is not only social but psychological and moral too. Moreover, the author try to formulate a narrative educational option for the developing of the adulthood: the autobiographical one. For the author, to acquaint young boys and girls with their autobiography is possible thanks to the writing that is, very often, dejected by the school. It is very important that the adolescents write and narrate more and more about their selves because, in this way, they can understand the role of the writing in their lives: it will help them really every time during their subsequent stage of life, for resolving with success problems and for passing beyond crises. When adolescent becomes adult, education as well as autobiographical narration are a very fruitful support of the closest personal maturity since writing on self is personal auto-analysis, too; it’s nearly a reflexive and continuous monitoring on both the inner experience and the relational one. In this way, the adolescent increases his or her reflexive comprehension of the life and its problems, its painful or snaps events. So, the autobiography is a very initiation and development manner of the personal and interpersonal forming; it’s a well constructed testimony about the individual growing; it’s an opportunity for planning and testing experiences and adventures. The adolescence, is not only a transitional life stage; it’s a training to the social, psychological and moral adult life.;

Duccio Demetrio, Narrazione come iniziazione alla vita. L'accompagnamento autobiografico nelle transizioni all'adultità in "SOCIOLOGIA E POLITICHE SOCIALI" 2/2007, pp 9-20, DOI: