Open scene. Theatre as a collective experience to rethink communities

Author/s Pierluigi Musarò, Melissa Moralli
Publishing Year 2018 Issue 2018/56
Language Italian Pages 21 P. 82-102 File size 247 KB
DOI 10.3280/SC2018-056006
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Media and political rhetoric often represent migrants through a dual perspective that depicts them as victims or invaders. These representations transform migrants and asylum seekers into outsiders and different to Europeans, subjects and objects of fear, experiencing the fear of being rejected. While discussing the link between media logic, theatrical performance and moral imaginary, the paper will shed light on how the theatrical metaphor of cosmopolitan solidarity is challenged by the physical proximity of the "other". It specifically analyzes how Cantieri Meticci - a theater company based and active in Bologna (Italy) involving asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, and Italian citizens - use participatory theatre to resist, rework, or disrupt the mainstream logic of the border spectacle while also promoting new forms of citizenship. Furthermore, Cantieri Meticci project impacts on audience development, not only involving people that are not used to artistic fruition but also unconventional spaces and different expressive forms.

Keywords: Theatre, migration, audience development, participation, citizenship.

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  • Atlas of Transitions. Arti performative e negoziazione della diversità Melissa Moralli, Pierluigi Musarò, Roberta Paltrinieri, Paola Parmiggiani, in MONDI MIGRANTI 2/2019 pp.101
    DOI: 10.3280/MM2019-002006

Pierluigi Musarò, Melissa Moralli, A scena aperta. Il teatro come esperienza collettiva per ripensare le comunità in "SOCIOLOGIA DELLA COMUNICAZIONE " 56/2018, pp 82-102, DOI: 10.3280/SC2018-056006