L’altro «cambiamento». Il colonialismo di insediamento,Iisraele, e l’occupazione

Author/s Lorenzo Veracini
Publishing Year 2014 Issue 2013/12
Language Italian Pages 17 P. 23-39 File size 556 KB
DOI 10.3280/HM2013-012004
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The paper argues that the Israel-Palestine conflict should be profitably interpreted through the lens of settler colonial studies. The structural distinction between colonialism, which succeeds by keeping colonizer and colonized separate, and settler colonialism, where ultimate success is achieved when the settlers are ‘‘indigenized’’ and cease to be settlers, should be noted. In the light of this distinction, we can see how the Occupation is failing as a settler colonial project while obviously succeeding as a colonial one.

Keywords: Colonialism, settler colonialism, occupation, Israel, Palestine, recolonisation.

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Lorenzo Veracini, L’altro «cambiamento». Il colonialismo di insediamento,Iisraele, e l’occupazione in "HISTORIA MAGISTRA" 12/2013, pp 23-39, DOI: 10.3280/HM2013-012004