Pragmatism in the European Scene: the Heidelberg International Congress of Philosophy, 1908

Author/s Jaime Nubiola
Publishing Year 2017 Issue 2017/3 Language English
Pages 19 P. 381-399 File size 20617 KB
DOI 10.3280/SF2017-003002
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1908 is particularly relevant year in the process of reception of pragmatism in Europe, thanks to the ill Intemational Congress of Philosophy held in Heidelberg in September of that year. At that intemational event the "new philosophy" coming from America was at the center of the European stage. In this study, the author collects and surnmarizes some of the available evidence about the reception of pragmatism at the Heidelberg Congress, and in Europe as a whole. The paper is arranged in the following sections: l) the reception of pragmatism in Europe; 2) the preparation of the congress and the opening lecture by Josiah Royce; 3) certain important developments over the course of the congress; 4) several echoes and afterthoughts, and 5) a brief conclusion. The main conclusion is to highlight the relevance of this Congress in order to understand the complex process of affinity and hostility between pragmatism and its different European interlocutors. The Congress was truly a milestone in that process and it is worthwhile to study with attention the lectures and communications, and in particular the discussions that followed them.

Keywords: Reception of pragmatism, Josiah Royce, Ferdinand C. S. Schiller, Giovanni Vailati, Wilhelm Jerusalem, Wilhelm Windelband.

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Jaime Nubiola, Pragmatism in the European Scene: the Heidelberg International Congress of Philosophy, 1908 in "RIVISTA DI STORIA DELLA FILOSOFIA" 3/2017, pp 381-399, DOI: 10.3280/SF2017-003002