Advancements in Design Research.

A cura di: Lucia Rampino, Ilaria Mariani

Advancements in Design Research.

11 PhD theses on Design as we do in POLIMI

The book is part of a series that, since 2017, documents the production of the Politecnico di Milano Design Programme, presenting a summary of the doctoral theses defended each year.

Pages: 220

ISBN: 9788891786197

Edizione:1a edizione 2019

Publisher code: 10319.2

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In October 1998, on the occasion of the first conference on design education, Richard Buchanan, then Director of The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, envisioned doctoral education in Design as a "neoteric enterprise", aimed at finding novel ways of addressing the new problems, "thereby creating a new body of learning and knowledge". Twenty years after, these words can still be shared: the new problems affecting our globalised, bewildered and worried society are growing in numbers and in complexity, and novel ways of sorting them out are more sought-after than ever.
The present book is part of a series that, since 2017, documents the production of the Politecnico di Milano Design Programme, presenting a summary of the doctoral theses defended each year. Eleven essays are here gathered into four sections: Design Education; Collaborative Processes; Cultural and Creative Companies; Technology for Social Change. In the variety of the researched topics, a common trait can be found in the continuous need of updated ways of addressing complex problems. It is such need that drives the evolving boundaries of design research forward, not just within our Doctoral Programme, but within all the national and international Doctoral Programmes in Design we are acquainted with.

Lucia Rampino
is an Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Design. In her research activity, she explores theories of design and the nature of design processes, in particular as they pertain to knowledge creation and product innovation. She has taken part in various research projects and serves as reviewer for both Design Journals and Conferences. Since 2009, she is on the Design PhD Faculty of Politecnico di Milano.

Ilaria Mariani
, PhD in Design, is Contract Professor at the School of Design, and post-doc Research Fellow at the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano. She designs and researches games (physical, digital and hybrid) and interactive narratives as complex systems for communication, learning and social innovation, focusing on assessing their impact on users. On such topics, she has been taking part in national and international research projects, and she has been often involved in organizing conferences, reviewing journal and conference articles.

Lucia Rampino, Ilaria Mariani, The evolving boundaries of design research at Polimi: education, soft skills, creative companies and digital tech
Alessandro Biamonti,
We need new steps
Perspectives in Design Education
Annalinda De Rosa, Dialogues on the relationship between Spatial and Service Design
Xiaozhu Lin, Internationalizing the Fashion Design Curriculum: Nurturing Internationalized Talents
Martina Motta, Designing Knit Designers. Teaching tools and methods to train professionals for the knitwear industry
Collaborative Processes Enabled by Design
Ruta Valušyte, Design as enabling agent. Design culture and non-designers in the changing role of disciplines
Alice Devecchi, Designing the empathic experience. Suggestions from art practices
Isa Helena Tibúrcio, Intermediate urban space. Design and light art as catalysts for change: participation beyond fruition
Design for Cultural and Creative Companies
Mariana Fonseca Braga, Francesco Zurlo, Handling the Complexity of Design Support Programmes. An interpretative framework for barriers and drivers to introducing design innovation into Brazilian MSMEs
Susanna Testa, FashionTech: Interaction Across Boundaries. Integration practices for design-enhanced user experiences
Design and Technology for Social Change
María de los Ángeles Briones R., A taxonomy of data visualization projects for alternative narratives
Gabriele Colombo, Studying digital images in groups: the folder of images
Camilo Ayala-Garcia, Valentina Rognoli, The Materials Generation.

Contributors: Camilo Ayala-Garcia, Alessandro Biamonti, Gabriele Colombo, Maria de los Angeles Briones, Annalinda De Rosa, Alice De Vecchi, Mariana Fonseca Braga, Xiaozhu Lin, Martina Motta, Valentina Rognoli, Susanna Testa, Isa Helena Tiburcio, Ruta Valusyte, Francesco Zurlo

Serie: Design International - Open Access

Subjects: Architecture, Design, Art, Urban and Regional Studies

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