Multimodality in Corporate Communication

A cura di: Giuliana Garzone, Gina Poncini, Paola Catenaccio

Multimodality in Corporate Communication

Web genres and discursive identity

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Pages: 208

ISBN: 9788846484864

Edition: 1a edizione 2007

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This volume explores the impact of new multi-modal technologies on corporate communication. Their spread has enabled companies to enact more effective interpersonal and inter-organizational communication and en-hance all forms of communication that contribute to corporate image-building and promotion, not only in the business environment proper but also in marketing activities and in relations with customers, investors and other stakeholders. Taking an essentially discursive perspective, the papers in this volume analyse a range of “traditional” as well as emerging genres, from press releases to blogs, from financial reports to newsletters.
They identify the changes in discursive identities that are specifically connected with increasing recourse to multi-modality in communication, also account-ing for their effects in terms of textual strategies, rhetorical practices and language use. Special attention is given to the theoretical issues raised by the pervasive use of multi-modality and its implications for the semiotics of corporate communication.

Giuliana Garzone is Full Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Milan.
Gina Poncini is Associate Professor in English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Milan.
Paola Catenaccio is Researcher in English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Milan.

Part I. Multimodality and Genre Migration
Giuliana Garzone, Genres, multimodality and the World Wide Web: theoretical issues
Francesca Santulli, The rhetoric of multimodality: the persuasive power of visual-verbal interplay
Paola Catenaccio, New(s) genres and discursive identity:the changing face of press releases in the age of the Internet
Miriam Bait, Tackling the electronic ®evolution: tutorials and instruction websites for e-mail newsletter writers
Part II. New Genres, New Discursive Identities
Brigitte Planken, Randall Waller, Catherine Nickerson, Reading stories and signs on the Internet: analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility discurse on the BP website
Elisa Turra, From national to regional identity: a multimodal analysis of corporate websites in the agro-food sector
Anne Marie Bülow-M•ller, Image restoration with new technology
Gina Poncini, Corporate podcasts and blogs: exploring the voice of emerging genres
James Archibald, Freedom of expression, opinion and the press in the Gulf States: weblogs and emergent international and regional media policy
Maria Cristina Paganoni, The news blog in mainstream news media
Notes on Contributors.

Contributors: James Archibald, Miriam Bait, Anne Marie Bulow-Moller, Catherine Nickerson, Maria Cristina Paganoni, Brigitte Planken, Francesca Santulli, Elisa Turra, Randall Waller

Serie: Lingua, traduzione, didattica

Subjects: Linguistics

Level: Scholarly Research

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