Tourism and new media

A cura di: Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Nikos Leandros, Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia

Tourism and new media

What is tourism in new media era? What are green tourism and green business and should we adopt green marketing strategies in order to attract tourists? The book presents theory topics and supports with insight from case studies and successful paradigms from Greece and Italy such as: major trends of tourism market, the role of public policies in tourism, agritourism and social media marketing, sustainable approach of agrotourism, rural tourism development, the role of DMOs in the digital era…

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New definitions characterize our era; new media, found in the center-stage of all sectors in contemporary life style, and sustainable development, aiming to describe development that incorporates except of the economic, the environmental and the social perspective at the same time. Given the various sustainability sectors, the sector of sustainable tourism development is highlighted as an alternative in modern life.
How can all these blend together? What is tourism in new media era? What are green tourism and green business and should we adopt green marketing strategies in order to attract tourists? This book aims to give answers to these questions.
The 15 chapters of the book present theory topics and support with insight from case studies and successful paradigms from Greece and Italy, such as: major trends of tourism market, the role of public policies in tourism, agritourism and social media marketing, sustainable approach of agrotourism, rural tourism development, the role of DMOs in the digital era. Specific projects, storytelling hotels and the efforts of the promotion of local development will help to understand a sustainable approach of tourism development and support enterprises using new media.

Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Associate Professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Forestry and Natural Environment. Member of journal editorial boards, editor and author on environmental information systems, green ICTs, sustainable development and environmental DSS with multivariate analysis, she has published more than 200 papers. In 2016 she obtained a Prize Award for Excellence in AUTh.

Nikos Leandros, Professor of Economics at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Communication, Media and Culture. Author of five books, has published numerous chapters in collective edited publications and articles in academic journals mainly on media economics and economic development.

Giovanni Quaranta is Professor of Natural Resources Economics and Coordinator of the international course on Natural and Cultural Resources Economics at University of Basilicata, Italy. He is author of numerous papers in international journals mainly on sustainable development.

Rosanna Salvia is Appointed Professor of Development Economics at University of Basilicata, Italy. She is author of several papers in international journals mainly dealing with social and economic development in rural areas.

Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Introduction
Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Nikos Leandros, Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia, Acknowledgement
Immacolata Viola, Policy analysis in support of sustainable rural tourism: the role of the New Media
(Introduction; Revolution in communication: old and new media; New media; Sustainable rural tourism and the stakeholder model; P.S.R. 2014/2020 - Rural Development Program - in the Campania region: Sustaining the "Many To Many" Strategy; Conclusions; References)
Tsartas Paris, Sarantakou Efthimia, Tourism market trends and their effect on entrepreneurship, cultural consumption and sustainability
(Introduction; Major trends of tourism market which changed the characteristics of tourism development; Effects of the Tourism Major Market Trends on Cultural Consumption and Entrepreneurship Sustainability; Conclusion; References)
Georgios Tsekouropoulos, Green Marketing strategies and Entrepreneurship: The strong environmental value for sustainable development in Tourism
(Green Marketing and Sustainable Development; Reasons for the adoption of Green Marketing; Customers' perspectives of Green Hotels; Hoteliers' commitment to Green Marketing strategies; Green washing; References)
Marianna Psilla, Vassilis Varvitsiotis, Public policies and Tourism: an alternative proposal
(Introduction; Tourism as a communicational and political field; Public policies and public action; The new field of public action; Locality and policy of tourism; European governance and policy of tourism; Public policies' implementation field of tourism; References)
Vicky Katsoni, The effects of ICTs on tourism distribution channels and DMOs marketing strategies
(Tourism Distribution Channels and ICTs; The role of DMOs in the digital era; Recent developments of ICTs usage in DMOs strategy; Conclusions and implications of the study; References)
Irene Paola Borrelli, Agritourism and social media: marketing, local development and sustainability
(Introduction; The multifunctionality of agriculture and rural tourism: synergies for the territory; The dynamics of the agritourism sector in Italy; Social Media Marketing for a sustainable agritourism competitiveness; Conclusions; References)
Rosanna Salvia, Giovanni Quaranta, Sustainable and resilient rural tourism: networking and cooperation as building blocks
(Networking and cooperation and their role in processes of rural development; The role of rural tourism in the Campania Region; An example of successful networking; What does this experience teach us? Some points for further discussion; Conclusions; References)
Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Gian-Paolo Cesaretti, Rosa Misso, Safwat Shakir Hanna, Agni Kalfagianni, From Sustainable tourism to Green tourism and green business: an online platform for Campania, Italy
(Concept of sustainable tourism; What is green tourism?; A green business; GOINGREEN website; References)
Nicola Marinelli, Sara Fabbrizzi, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Local Resources and Successful Tourism Models in Tuscany
(Introduction; The post-modern tourist; A focus on tourism and new media; The scenario: structure and dynamics of tourism in Tuscany; Rurality and tourism; A SWOT Analysis for the Tuscan (Agri) Tourism Sector; Conclusions; References; Webography)
Dimitria Papadopoulou, The role of new media of social network in developing tourism policy: the case of YouTube
(The role of the new media of social network: the YouTube; National and local tourism policy: the institutions; The videos launched in YouTube; The video of GNTO; The video of the Periphery of Crete; Conclusion; References)
Nikos Bakounakis, Tourism and Narrative Identities: "The hotel where you started writing your story"
(The narrative factor; The experience economy; From the legendary hotel to the "storytelling hotel"; The Coppolas and the others; Conclusions; References)
Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt, Konstadinos Kutsikos, The state of the cultural heritage industry in Europe: a growth transformation perspective
(Introduction; The Value Paradox of Cultural Heritage; The Growth Transformation Challenges in the CH Sector; Challenge 1: supply-side fragmentation; Challenge 2: cultural communication; Challenge 3: value innovation; Making Transformation Happen - Case Studies; Project SAGITTARIUS - a new cultural heritage business model; Project ALECTOR - new skills for cultural heritage management; Project DIVERTIMENTO - helping local CH ventures reach global markets; Conclusions and Future Work; References)
Nikos Leandros, Dimitris Plevrakis, Giannis Stefanakis, Cultural capital, tourism and sustainable development in mountainous areas of Greece. The case of Lasithi Plateau
(The wider framework: key challenges facing Greek tourism; Lasithi Plateau; Population and economic decline; Efforts to promote local development; Myth and Culture initiative; Conclusion; References)
Antonis Skamnakis, Clio Kenterelidou, Fani Galatsopoulou, Agrotourism communication and social/new media: a sustainable approach to development
(Introduction; Agrotourism in Literature; Research Framework; Findings and Discussion; The Agrotourism Narrative; The Agrotourism Communication concept and structure; Conclusions; References)
Alexandros Passalis, Olive oil as an important asset for Greek tourism product differentiation and sustainable development
(Introduction; Local Gastronomy as a motivation factor; The local gastronomy as a tool for sustainable tourist development; Olive oil as a gastronomic tourism assets in Mediterranean destinations; "Oleo tourism" in Spain; The olive oil sector in Greece; Turning olive oil into a tourist resource in Greek summer destinations; References)
List of contributors and short CV.

Contributi: Veronica Alampi Sottini, Nikos Bakounakis, Irene Paola Borrelli, Sara Fabbrizzi, Fani Galatsopoulou, Agni Kalfagianni, Vicky Katsoni, Clio Kenterelidou, Konstadinos Kutsikos, Nicola Marinelli, Rosa Misso, Dimitria Papadopoulou, Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt, Alexandros Passalis, Dimitris Plevrakis, Marianna Psilla, Efthymia Sarantakou, Safwat Shakir Hanna, Antonis Skamnakis, Ioannis Stefanakis, Paris Tsartas, Georgios Tsekouropoulos, Vassilis Varvitsiotis, Immacolata Viola

Collana: Economics and Governance of Sustainability

Argomenti: Economia del turismo, del commercio e dei servizi

Livello: Studi, ricerche

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