Vulnerability and social frailty.

A cura di: Mauro Niero, Giovanni Bertin

Vulnerability and social frailty.

A theory of health inequalities

Il presente numero di Salute e Società affronta i concetti di vulnerabilità e fragilità, due concetti che possono essere applicati a persone, gruppi e organizzazioni, e che permettono di modulare le letture della realtà offerte dal modello medico-sociale classico. L’analisi sociologica offre la possi-bilità di contestualizzare l’emergere delle diseguaglianze di salute nella società post moderna degli anni 2000.

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Over the last 20 years several epidemiological studies have drawn attention to an age-old issue which relates medicine to the social sciences: social stratification and health status. On one hand such a rationale is supported by empirical findings; on the other hand its deterministic emphasis raises perplexities about its consistency with the changing features of the reflexive societies of the 2000s.
Looking for possible conceptual and theoretical suggestions, Vulnerability and Frailty are the two organizing concepts around which Niero and Bertin planned the present issue of "Salute e società". Such concepts show various advantages in comparison with those belonging to the so-called "social determinants" approach. First they are dispositional instead of deterministic and are therefore more suitable to complex scenarios. Second they can be applied to different levels of analysis: social systems, organizations, social groups and individuals.
Third they suggest the use of intermediate mid-range theories that can be more effeciently employed in the planning of dedicated policy issues. The subjects and theories of the following contributions represent a sample of such possible theoretical/operational approaches.

Mauro Niero
is full professor of Sociology at the University of Verona. He specializes in methodological problems about well-being and Quality of Life Research in medicine. He is the author of several books, including: Il mix fra quantità e qualità nella ricerca sociale (Mixing Quality and Quantity in Social Research) (2008); Qualità della vita e della salute (Quality of life and of health) (2005).
Giovanni Bertin is associate professor of sociology and coordinator of the Center for Research on Public & Social Policy at the University Cà Foscari of Venice. He has autored many works, including: La governance delle politiche sociali in Italia (Governance of Social Policies in Italy) (with L. Fazzi, 2010); Con-sensus Method (2011).

David Mechanic , Editorial
Mauro Niero, Giovanni Bertin , Introduction
Mauro Niero , Health, vulnerability and fragility: between determinants and dispositions
Giovanni Bertin , Vulnerability, change and social dynamics
Stefano Campostrini , Social determinants, life styles and health
Mara Tognetti Bordogna , Health inequalities and migration dymamics
Rita Biancheri, Well-being: between gender inequalities and health
Cristina Lonardi, Social inequalities in health: stigma
LuigiTronca , Social capital and health
Social stratification and health inequalities ( Mauro Niero, Giovanni Bertin )
Round table: Mario Cardano, Mauro Palumbo, Paola di Nicola, Domenico Secondulfo
Giovanni Apolone, Maria Teresa Greco, Anna Roberto , Frailty, theory and practice: from a project aimed at identifying determinants of clinical fragiilty and social vulnerability in order to suggest improving approaches to high risk populations
Erio Ziglio, Johanna Hannefeld, Andrea Bertola , Health inequities in the European Region and the new health policyframe work of the World Health Organization
Antonio Maturo, Will the economic crisis foster individualistic visions of health?
Cleto Corposanto , A shared location for the construction of health course. Prerequisite
to limit inequality?

Contributors: Giovanni Apolone, Andrea Bertola, Rita Biancheri, Stefano Campostrini, Cleto Corposanto, Maria Teresa Greco, Johanna Hannefeld, Cristina Lonardi, Antonio Maturo, David Mechanic, Anna Roberto, Luigi Tronca, Erio Ziglio

Serie: Salute e Società

Subjects: Health Sociology

Level: Scholarly Research

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