Salvatore Zingale

Design Meets Alterity

Case Studies, Project Experiences, Communication Criticism

The QUESTION OF ALTERITY has become fundamental to understanding contemporary societies, which are increasingly multicultural, multiethnic and intersectional. Today, it is legitimate to think that the design dimension can also undertake research paths that highlight THE NEED TO RECOGNISE THE OTHER: from migratory flows to gender cultures, from social fragility to mental health, from cultural distances to the difficulties of social integration, etc. This is the direction in which the essays in this volume are heading.

cod. 10313.5

Lucia Rampino

Evolving Perspectives in Product Design

From Mass Production to Social Awareness

In a time when profound sociocultural and technological changes are affecting the design discipline, this book presents a number of consolidated and emerging issues in product design under four dominant perspectives: technical, human, digital and social. Different perspectives underlying modifications and adaptations of the design concept, together with the fixed elements that have characterized product design since its inception during the Industrial Revolution, are the subjects of analysis and discussion in the present book.

cod. 10319.18

Carmen Bruno, Silvia Maria Gramegna

Design Tools

A reflection towards the definition of a taxonomy

This book aims at encompassing the panorama of design tools being developed, tested and adopted: an original taxonomy that guides towards the organization of design tools and a representative collection of design tools developed within the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano with specific instructions on how to use them.

cod. 10319.15

Salvatore Zingale

Design e alterità

Conoscere l'Altro, pensare il possibile

Anche al design può essere chiesto di intraprendere percorsi di ricerca che mettano in evidenza la necessità del riconoscimento dell’altro, perché artefatti e sistemi sono anche veicolo di visioni del mondo, credenze e pregiudizi culturali. Dai flussi migratori alle culture di genere, dalle fragilità sociali alla salute mentale, dalle distanze culturali all’integrazione sociale, l’alterità può essere tema e metodo di progetto.

cod. 10313.1

Fabio Antonio Figoli, Francesca Mattioli

Artificial Intelligence in the Design Process

The Impact on Creativity and Team Collaboration

The book discusses how to include artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the early stages of the design process. AI could significantly impact the creative phases of the design process if applied consciously. The book treats the Human-AI collaboration as a collaboration between human agents, proposing a set of guidelines helpful to achieving an efficient partnership with the machine.

cod. 10085.9

Mario Morcellini

Torri crollanti.

Comunicazione, media e nuovi terrorismi dopo l'11 settembre

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