Francesco Scullica, Elena Elgani

Living, Working and Travelling.

New Processes of Hybridization for the Spaces of Hospitality and Work

The focus of this research is mainly on the relationship and the hybridization processes between hospitality spaces (mainly hotels and hostels) and workspaces for knowledge worker (offices, smart-office, co-working, hubs) in the field of interior design.

cod. 319.7

Francesca Lanz

Letture d'interni

Una serie di diverse letture, interpretazioni e aperture critiche rispetto ad alcuni temi specifici del design degli interni. Il testo individua questioni emergenti, nuove domande e prospettive ampliando così i confini della disciplina.

cod. 85.90

Luca Basso Peressut, Imma Forino

Places & Themes of Interiors.

Contemporary Research Worldwide

In a global, complex, stratified and constantly evolving reality, Interiors as theoretical discipline and design praxis are undergoing profound transformations. This differently articulated scenario relates and connects even more to various disciplinary spheres, such as anthropology, sociology, economy, technology, communication and arts. Critical and theoretical reflections, together with applicative experimentations and didactic experiences converge in mapping places and subjects for international research in the field of Interiors.

cod. 85.62