The members of many disadvantaged groups, such as older and younger, migrants and ethnic minorities, and disabled young people, encounter obstacles, not only when seeking employment but also when attending vocational guidance services. Guidance counsellors too face difficulties when working with certain client groups. This volume gives voice to both guidance counsellors and their clients, offering perspectives on the obstacles for both and recommendations for policy and practice.

cod. 2000.1248

Pamela M. Clayton, Silvana Greco

Guidance for life

Working and learning in the Third Age

Despite European legislation against age discrimination in the labour market, it is likely that older workers will continue to face obstacles and disadvantages when seeking, maintaining or changing employment. Vocational guidance holds a pivotal position in negotiating between the attitudes and demands of employers and the perspectives and needs of older people. This volume both reflects on changes in the later life-course and offers new perspectives and methodologies for policy and practice.

cod. 1820.176

The main themes covered in the book are: forced and unforced migration; models of integration; critical issues for vocational guidance, including the limits and strengths of the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism, avoiding the pitfalls of stereotyping and cultural racism and identifying possible victims of trauma and torture; integration policy and practice in Denmark, Slovenia and the United Kingdom; assistance to victims of human trafficking in the Czech Republic; and the development of a partnership model for vocational guidance for refugees and asylum-seekers in Germany.

cod. 2000.1181