Barbara Camocini, Annalisa Dominoni

Engaging Spaces

How to increase social awareness and human wellbeing through experience design

The book presents different perspectives of analysis and new models of experience, reconfirming the importance assigned to the wellbeing and human-centered approach in the contemporary spatial design disciplinary debate. The aim is to explore the transformation process which we are living, both in private and in public spaces, underlining the central role of design to define new qualities of connections to live together in relation with the space around us.

cod. 10319.16

Carmen Bruno, Silvia Maria Gramegna

Design Tools

A reflection towards the definition of a taxonomy

This book aims at encompassing the panorama of design tools being developed, tested and adopted: an original taxonomy that guides towards the organization of design tools and a representative collection of design tools developed within the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano with specific instructions on how to use them.

cod. 10319.15

Anna Barbara, Silvia Maria Gramegna

Time-Based Design Paradigms

The book explores the relationship between time and the design of spaces. The temporal dimension of spaces is a horizon that has yet to be strongly explored. In the future it is increasingly likely that it will be the forms of time, rather than those of space, that will undergo the most interesting transformations. The essays explore time: as measurements, adaptations/compositions, memories, machines and technologies, identities, narratives, sensitivities in an increasingly globalized and wrapped world.

cod. 10319.14

Silvia Maria Gramegna

Interior design as a tool for dementia care

Experiences and guidelines for the Therapeutic Habitat Model

This book investigates the role of interior design in the enhancement of the effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological therapies for Alzheimer’s disease care.  The author presents the conceptual model for an environmental system called “Therapeutic Habitat”, meant as a system of environmental interventions, based on tangible and intangible aspects, products and furniture, objects and services. Its aim is to enhance the well-being of people with dementia and stimulate recognition and interaction with the surrounding environment.

cod. 10319.8

Alessandro Biamonti, Luca Guerrini

Polimi design phd_017.

10 PhD thesis on Design as we do in POLIMI

This books represents an overview on the wide field of research about design, as Design is interpreted nowadays in POLIMI. From fashion to storytelling, through tangible and intangible aspects of our everyday life, Design is today an on-going young discipline, which is reaching its own spaces and methods within the academic research community.

cod. 85.96