Michele Guidi, Marco Giuliani, Maria Serena Chiucchi, Stefano Marasca

The assurance of non-financial disclosure: A longitudinal analysis of the academic and professional literature


Fascicolo: 2 / 2021

Various studies argue that non-financial information is particularly relevant for business stakeholders. To reduce the risks related to information asymmetries and "window dressing" practices and to enhance the credibility of non-financial information, the need for assurance has arisen. In recent years, scientific and professional interest in the issues related to the assurance of non-financial information has increased. Up to now, there have been very few studies on the evolution of non-financial disclosure (NFD) assurance, nor have scholars addressed the possible gaps and future research perspectives in this field. A systematic review is developed with the following aims: first, to explore the evolution of the NFD assurance literature by systematising academic studies (i.e., papers published in scientific journals) and professional contributions (i.e., papers published in non-scientific sources) from the auditing field, and second, to understand whether theory and practice have influenced each other in the field of NFD assurance, i.e., whether a bridge between theory and practice can be identified within this discourse. The main findings are the following: firstly, four stages can be identified in the evolution of the study of NFD assurance, and secondly, there is virtually no interaction between theory and practice, as practically no scientific papers are mentioned in professional papers, while academic scholars consider professional publications only as empirical data sources.

Rosa Lombardi, Maria Serena Chiucchi

Smart technologies, digitalizzazione e capitale intellettuale

Sinergie e opportunità

Il volume offre una visione d’insieme delle smart technologies, della digitalizzazione e del capitale intellettuale nelle aziende, al fine di delinearne i profili emergenti in chiave economico-aziendale. Tali tematiche rivestono particolare importanza nell’attuale scenario, in cui le aziende sono chiamate ad accogliere la quarta rivoluzione industriale e a fronteggiare un’emergenza mondiale di natura sociosanitaria ed economica.

cod. 10388.9

The problem of the gap between theory and practice has been variously addressed in management accounting research. In recent years, new theories have been introduced and researchers have gradually approached field-based research with the aim to help bridge this gap. Several methods have been adopted to carry out this kind of research: questionnaires, interviews, single or multiple case studies, etc. Among them, the case method, in particular, has received increasing attention.

Maria Serena Chiucchi, Marco Giuliani, Stefano Marasca

The design, implementation and use of intellectual capital measurements: a case study


Fascicolo: 2 / 2014

Some would argue that during the last few decades the studies on IC measurements have mainly been focused on the design and implementation of accounting concepts, methods and tools while little attention has been devoted to the understanding of what happens to the measurements after they are ‘produced’, i.e. how measurements are used. Stemming from these considerations, the aim of this paper is to reflect on the relationship between design, implementation and use of IC measurements in practice. In order to achieve this aim, we present a longitudinal case study referred to the design, implementation and use (or non use) of an IC measurement and reporting system. The main findings are the following. First, measuring can lead to the emergence of new managerial objects. Second, it seems that in the IC discourse numbers are relevant not only for sizing but also for creating an IC dimension to be managed. Third, the use of measurements do not necessarily follow their production but can be instead, simultaneous. With reference to single indicators, the following considerations emerge. First, the inclusion of ‘old’ indicators within the IC measurement system can lead to a change in their meaning. Second, the use of the measurements depends on how they are labelled, too. Third, in an IC project, more than the ‘result’ it is the activated understanding and learning process that matters.

Maria Serena Chiucchi, Marco Gatti, Stefano Marasca

The relationship between management accounting systems and ERP systems in a medium-sized firm: a bidirectional perspective


Fascicolo: Suppl. 3 / 2012

The relationship between ERP systems and MAS is a relevant topic for accounting scholars. This relationship has often been studied by observing the influence of the implementation of ERP systems on MAS in terms of its impact on accounting tools, available information or the accountant’s role. A limited number of studies have explored, instead, the inverse relationship, namely that one concerning the way MAS can influence the design, the implementation and the use of ERP systems. This paper aims to contribute to filling this gap. The bidirectional relationship between ERP systems and MAS is analysed through a case study, carried out in a medium-sized Italian firm. The findings show that the context, in this case a medium-sized firm, can play a relevant role in influencing the way the ERP system implementation affects the MAS, especially with regard to the controller’s role and tasks. At the same time, they also shed light on how the existing MAS, as well as the one which is influenced by the implementation of the ERP system, can shape the customization and the use of the ERP system.

Riccardo Palumbo

La valutazione periodica della ricerca nelle discipline economico-aziendali.

Una comparazione internazionale

Alla luce dei cambiamenti in corso nell’accademia italiana, la Sidrea (Società Italiana dei Docenti di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale) ha attivato un gruppo di lavoro sulla valutazione periodica della ricerca. Il volume – primo risultato di questo gruppo – propone un confronto tra le prassi internazionali maggiormente significative e rappresenta un ulteriore contributo dell’accademia a un dibattito vitale per lo sviluppo della Comunità scientifica.

cod. 365.911

Eugenio Comuzzi, Stefano Marasca


Profili di gestione e di misurazione

Il volume propone un percorso di approfondimento intorno al tema degli intangibles, esaminandone gli aspetti di analisi, di gestione, di misurazione, di valutazione e di rappresentazione, attraverso una pluralità di prospettive e approcci metodologici. Indaga inoltre la concreta applicazione di alcuni dei concetti, metodi e strumenti proposti dalla letteratura nazionale e internazionale contribuendo a ridurre la distanza creatasi tra ricerca e realtà operativa.

cod. 365.717

I contributi discussi a un convegno di giovani ricercatori che si sono confrontati sul tema della conoscenza e della sua gestione nelle relazioni tra aziende. Tra i temi: conoscenza e relazioni interimpresa; conoscenza e aspetti gestionali; conoscenza e impatto dell’ICT; conoscenza, intangibles e misurazioni economiche; conoscenza e innovazione organizzativa; conoscenza e small business; conoscenza, P.A. e nonprofit.

cod. 365.588