Fundamentalism and Youth in Europe

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Anthony Blasi, Nilgun Celeby, Youseff Choueiri, Kristoff Talin, Klaus Wahl
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pp. 112,      1a edizione  1996   (Codice editore 1520.261)

Fundamentalism and Youth in Europe
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Fundamentalism tends to conceive the reconstruction of the world through a vision which turns towards the past and which does not accept social and individual emancipation and change. Ideologically, it is anti-modern but at the same time it takes on board some of the most crucial aspects of modernity.

Religious fundamentalism means that a given faith has to be lived to the full, free from compromises and restrictions. It presupposes that the doctrine occupies the central position in religion rather than the rites and that the doctrine can be set out with exactitude.

This volume seeks on the one hand to explain social fundamentalism and on the other to analyse whether fundamentalist tendencies can be identified in young people. It is an exploratory work which aims to discover where a section of European youth is going and which calls for reflections on the claims for identity from cultural areas that were previously silent.

Luigi Tomasi (University of Trento). His research concerns "sociological theory", the sociology of "religion" and "development". He has authored or edited numerous works in the area of Sociology of Religion: The Young People of Eastern and Western Europe. Ideologies and Prospects (1991); Young People and Religion in Europe. Persistance and Change in Values (1993); The New-Europe and the Value Orientations of Young People. East-West Comparisons (1994); Youth and Religion in Italy (1995). For many years he was a Visiting Scholar at the Committee on Social Thought of the University of Chicago and a Visiting Professor at the University of Phnom Penh. Futhermore, he is the secretary of the "Sociology of Religion" section of the Italian Sociological Association and the Chairperson of the European Centre for Traditional and Regional Cultures.


• Introduction, Luigi Tomasi (University of Trento - Italy)
• Social Fundamentalism in Today's Society, Anthony J. Blasi (Tennessee State University - Usa)
• Structural background
• Disengaged childhood and adolescent socialisation
• Family
• Local education
• Religion
• Perceived threats to disengaged socialisation
• Disengaged intelligence
• Social fundamentalism
• Islamic Fundamentalism and The Satanic Verses, Youseff Choueriri (University of Exeter - UK)
• Fundamentalist Religious Values of Young People in Malta: A Western European Perspective, Anthony J. Abela (University of Malta - Malta)
• Values Study
• Elements of fundamentalism in Malta
• Religious values in Europe
• Religiosity of young people in Malta
• Religious beliefs and practice
• Fundamentalism
• Intolerance
• Materialism
• Religion and post-materialistic culture
• Young People and Religious Fundamentalism in France, Kristoff Talin (University of Grenoble - France)
• Preliminary remarks
• Limits of the subject and problems of definition
• Emergence of fundamentalism in France
• Forms of French fundamentalism
• Is a Catholic fundamentalism possible?
• The term's many meanings
• The plurality of its forms of expression
• Fundamentalism and integrism
• Fundamentalism and emotional movements
• Young people and fundamentalism in France
• Some examples
• Young people and Christian fundamentalism
• The case of the Charismatic Renewal Opus Dei
• Catholic integrism
• The Evangelical nebula
• Islamic fundamentalism
• Jewish fundamentalism
• The fundamentalism of the sects
• An Attempt at interpretation
• Germany Youth and Religious and Political Fundamentalism: The Situation in the Nineties, Klaus Wahl (Deutsches Jugendinstitut - Munich Germany)
• Young people's inclinations toward religious fundamentalism in Germany
• West Germany
• East Germany
• Teenagers' tendencies to political fundamentalism in Germany
• Life situation and political orientation of young people in Germany
• In search of the "roots" of fundamentalism: The pitfalls of modernisation
• Are the "Young Turks" Turning to Fundamentalism?, Nilgün Çeleby (University of Ankara - Turkey)