Participation, involvement and company performance in Great Britain

Isvet, Irru

Participation, involvement and company performance in Great Britain

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Pages: 208

ISBN: 9788820481667

Edition: 1a edizione 1994

Publisher code: 1021.105

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At the beginning of the 1980s England was swept by a complex and articuled package of interventions that introduced deep innovations in the country's economic and social structure.

In this context management inititives focused on establishing more direct and motivated relatons with workers in order to obtain higher levels of efficiency.

Are we witnessing the shift from a regulation system mainly based on industrial relations to a system based on individual relations? This is the problem studied by the researchers of Warwick University whose work is collected in this book.

• Foreword, Luigi Saba, Keith Sisson

• Introduzione. L'evoluzione delle relazioni industrials in Gran Bretagna: neo-liberismo e tradizione sindacale a confronto, Maurizio Ambrosini, Luigi Saba

• Introduction. Industrial Relations Evolution in Great Britain: Neo-Liberalism versus Trade Unionism, Maurizio Ambrosini, Luigi Saba

• Participation and Involvement in Great Britain: From Collectivism to Individualism?, Keith Sisson
* Two Decades of Participation and Involvement
* Participation and Involvement in Practice
* Prospects for the Future
* Key Questions ?
* References

• Total Quality Management: A New Form of Labour Management in Great Britain?, John F. Geary
* TQM in Theory
* TQM in Practice
* TQM on the Shop Floor
* Conclusion
* References

• Greenfield Sites and the "New Industrial Relations", Jon Clark
* New Organisation Design
* Full Flexibility and Limits to Full Flexibility
* Self-Supervision: A Cornerstone of Increased Flexibility
* Employee Representation, Consultation and Disputes Procedures
* Conclusion
* References

• Changing Forms of Participation: The Impact of Privatisation and "Commercialisation", Trevor Colling, Anthony Femer
* Privatisation and Commercialisation: The Background
* The Consequences for Forms of Employee and Union Participation
* Changes in Indirect Participation
* Conclusion
* References

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