Eduardo Torroja

Franco Levi, Mario Alberto Chiorino, Clara Bertolini Cestari

Eduardo Torroja

From the philosophy of structures to the art and science of bulding

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Edition: 1a edizione 2003

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Eduardo Torroja has marked a fundamental path in the development of the art and science of building in the 20th century. The influence that he has exerted on some generations of engineers and architects, and on the very imaginaries of contemporary architecture, derives from his designs and constructions - that are wonderful for elegance, audacity and for the intelligent search of innovative shapes and technical solutions - but also from his teaching and his writings.

One more domain, less known to the wider public, in which Torroja has exerted a fundamental influence on the world of constructions is represented by his personal high-level contribution to the development of a mature science for the new constructions, and by his strong personal endeavour for the promotion of international forums where to debate technical and scientific progress

To celebrate the centenary of Torroja's birth and to explore the many facets of such an extraordinary personality , as well as to discuss the present significance of his message, the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) has hosted the International Seminar "Eduardo Torroja: from the philosophy of structures to the art and science of building", and an extended exhibition of his works. The Seminar, that was participated by leading international personalities in the design of large structures, architects and historians has become an occasion for a wide spectrum reflection on the present mission of architecture and engineering and on their mutual relations, in the wake of Torroja's cultural heritage.

The present volume contains the texts of the invited lectures of the seminar and an introduction to the exhibition. Through a link to a specific web-site the readers can explore the exhibition, and in particular the scale-models of Torroja's most famous structures as well as a video study of their geometric genesis specifically prepared for that occasion.

Franco Levi is Emeritus Professor of Structural Mechanics, Politecnico di Torino, Dr. H.c. University of Liège, University Institute of Architecture of Venice and University of Waterloo (Canada), Eugène Freyssinet and Eduardo Torroja Medals, Member of Turin Academy of Sciences, Honorary member of American Concrete Institute, Founding member of the International Association for Shell Structures, President (1957-68) then Honorary President of the Comité Europén du Béton, President (1966-70) then Honorary President of the Fédération Internationale de la Précontrainte, designer of large concrete structures (exhibition and sport halls, bridges, floating dry-dock, etc.) and consultant for the renovation of Lingotto in Turin (arch. R. Piano). In 1966 has translated (with N. Levi) Torroja's Razón y Ser de los Tipos Estructurales.

Mario Alberto Chiorino is Professor of Structural Mechanics and of Structural Rehabilitation in the 1st Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino, Corresponding Member of Turin Academy of Sciences, Member of the Comité Européen du Béton, American Concrete Institute and RILEM, designer of large concrete structures (bridges, tall chimneys, nuclear plants, etc.) and, in cooperation with G. Pizzetti, of structures for buildings designed by well-known architects like G. and A. Samonà, T. Maldonado and L. Belgiojoso, and consultant for structural rehabilitation and strengthening of monumental buildings.

Clara Bertolini Cestari is an architect teaching Construction of Architecture at the 2nd Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino, with special interests in the technology of architecture. She is member of RILEM, coordinates various national projects on the safeguard of architectural heritage in the framework of the Special Project Cultural Heritage of the Italian National Council for Research, and is Project-leader of "Wooden Handwork/Wooden Carpentry: European Restoration Sites" in the Culture 2000 and Leonardo Programs of the European Commission. She has published several essays on cultural heritage.

Mario Alberto Chiorino , Introduction
The contribution of Eduardo Torroja to the development of modern civil engineering
Franco Levi, The work of Eduardo Torroja: a "milestone" in the evolution of the art of building
José Antonio Torroja, Genius and ingenuity in the work of Eduardo Torroja
Heinz Isler, Eduardo Torroja and IASS, the International Association for Shell Structures
Eduardo Torroja in the history of contemporary architecture
Carlo Olmo, Eduardo Torroja and his influence on the imaginaries of the architecture of the twentieth century
Art and science in structural design: from Torroja to the present
Jörg Schlaich, Light structures: the joy of engineering
Enzo Siviero, Tobia Zardan, The Bridge as a bridge between engineers and architects
The search and the assessment of structural forms: the role of models
Heinz Isler , Physical models in shell design
David Wendland, Model-based form-finding processes: free forms in structural and architectural design
Mario Alberto Chiorino, Donato Sabia, Luca Bruno, Structural models: historical notes and new frontiers
Razón y Ser and its influence on the education of a generation of architects and engineers
Franco Levi, Razón y Ser: the apprenticeship of a translator
Clara Bertolini Cestari, The inheritance of Structural Typology as a teaching subject to the technological culture of the architectural project
Clara Bertolini Cestari, Roberto Roccati, From Structural Typology to the structural conservation of architectural heritage
Documentation and conservation of contemporary structures of architectural and historical relevance
Pier Giovanni Bardelli, Methodological aspects in the protection and conservation of the structural works of Modern Movement
Mario Collepardi, Ordinary and long term durability of reinforced concrete structures
Mario Alberto Chiorino, Francisco Morán Cabré, Giuseppe Mancini, Giuseppe Rega, Patrizia Trovalusci, Ferdinando Indelicato, Round table and conclusions
Exhibition: The work of Eduardo Torroja
Clara Bertolini Cestari, Introduction to the exhibition.


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Subjects: Architectural Technology

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