Applied Psycholinguistics

Positive effects and ethical perspectives. Volume II

Maria Grazia Albano, Elena Faccio, Diego Romaioli, Chiara Centomo, Rosa Scardigno, Rosa Traversa, Andrzej Lyda, Diana Junkes, Martha Toneto, Hanna J. Batoréo, Margarida Casadinho, Meire V.C. Gondim, Ana Cristina P. de Macedo, Charles Denroche, Chiara Gambi, Nicoletta Caramelli, Maria-da-Graça L.C. Pinto, Catarina Soares Martins, Krassimira Aleksandrova Petrova, Liliana Piasecka, Alda M. Scopesi, Anna Maria Rosso, Anna Zhuravleva, Irina Koroleva, Ramona Bongelli, Adriana Biedron, Luciane Correa Ferreira, Ana Cristina Pelosi Macedo, Anna Franca Plastina, Massoud Rahimpour, Anna Turula, Bee Eng Wong, Jerzy Zybert, Maria Antonietta Pinto, Paolo Iliceto, Sergio Melogno, Chiara Valeria Marinelli, Pierluigi Zoccolotti, Paola Angelelli, Armanda Costa, Anabela Gonçalves, G. Sumchenko, Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Larysa Zasyekina, Catia de Azevedo Fronza, Jasna Pacovska, Maria Stec, R.P. Fontana, M. Marchese, M.C. Epifani, Rosa Maria de Britto Cosenza, Ewa Bogdanowska-Jakubowska, Khrystyna Khvorost, Lill Sarv, Chiara De Santis, Alla Zareva, Claudia Cortesi, Serhiy Zasyekina, Antonietta Bagnardi, Tammy S. Gregersen, Natalia Ignatieva, Araceli Mejia, Ana Lilia Villegas, Gabriela Lojova, Federica Missaglia, Lavinia Nadrag, Anna Studenska, Monica B. Ziegler, Adriana I. Pavy, Ilaria Riccioni, Carla Canestrari, Mina Sehdev, Teresa Condelipes, Fernando Martins, Michelina Savino, Rita Fiore, Marina Massimi, Valeria Rosaria Minervini, Filomena Elaine Paiva Assolini, Silvia Lo Bue, Mirella Zanobini, Maria Carmen Usai, Francesca Cozzani, Maria Luisa Giancaspro, Ilaria Reggi
Studi, ricerche
pp. 473,      1a edizione  2012   (Codice editore 1240.371)

Applied Psycholinguistics. Positive effects and ethical perspectives. Volume II
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In breve

This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the IX Congress of the International Association of Applied Psycholinguistics (Isapl), which illustrate in a transdisciplinary perspective the most traditional issues of applied psycholinguistics as well as some emerging issues.

Presentazione del volume

Applied psycholinguistics is a scientific domain where scholars aim at illustrating how research can encourage communication processes among people, groups and cultures. This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the IX Congress of the International Association of Applied Psycholinguistics (Isapl) which was hosted by the University of Bari (Italy), and suggests new possible interdisciplinary routes in the field, since it takes into account the ethical ties and the moral expectations related to human discursive practices.
The volume contains a selection of papers which illustrate in a transdisciplinary perspective, which traditionally belongs to Isapl, the most traditional issues of applied psycholinguistics, i.e. the relationship between language and cognition, the processes of foreign language learning and acquisition, reading and writing disorders, as well as some emerging issues, i.e. the relationship between language and education, the relationship between language and social context, power and manipulation, etc.

Giuseppe Mininni is Full Professor of Psychology of Communication at Bari University. He has been a founder of International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics and his main interests of research concern dialogue, argumentation and metaphor in mass media communication.
Amelia Manuti is Assistant Professor in work and organizational Psychology at the University of Bari. Her main research interests include the relation between sense making processes and discursive practices within the organizational context according to a critical approach.


In memoriam of the ISAPL founder
Paper session - Language and Social Context
Maria Grazia Albano, To be (ill) or to have (a disease)?
Elena Faccio, Diego Romaioli and Chiara Centomo, Motivation for change in psychotherapy
Rosa Scardigno & Giuseppe Mininni
, Discourses about religion and ethics: dialogical answers in youth
Rosa Traversa
, Italian catholic and muslim women crossing public/private practices of communication
Andrzej Lyda
, When a diplomat says no... Gender differences in the use of negation in academic writing
Diana Junkes Martha Toneto,
Constellate discourse and contingency: A "lacanian-mallarmaic" reading of contemporary man
Paper session - Language and Cognition
Hanna J. Batoréo & Margarida Casadinho , Perception and Evaluation of Language Identity in East Timorese speakers of Portuguese: Language and Cognition in a Multilingual Community
Meire V. C. Gondim & Ana Cristina P. de Macedo,
Conceptualisation de la violence: une étude de cas à propos de certains mécanismes symboliques structurant le phénomène
Charles Denroche
, Metonymic Processing: A Cognitive Ability Relevant to Translators, Editors and Language Teachers
Chiara Gambi & Nicoletta Caramelli
, Off-line resolution of adjunct ambiguity in a structural priming paradigm: Implications for the production-comprehension parallel hypothesis
Maria-da-Graça L. C. Pinto
, The study of language in later life: A contribution to "what psycholinguistics has to offer for the benefit of our global modern world"
Catarina Soares Martins & Maria da Graça L. Castro Pinto,
The effect of language intervention in the elderly: Contributions from a casestudy at a Portuguese day centre
Krassimira Aleksandrova Petrova
, Concept of 'time' according to data from "Slavic Association Dictionary: Russian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian" (Moscow, 2004)
Liliana Piasecka
, Reading from a printed page and from a computer screen in a foreign/second language context - is comprehension affected?
Alda M. Scopesi & Anna Maria Rosso
, Mental state talk and mentalising processes in preadolescence
Anna Zhuravleva & Irina Koroleva
, The new distant method of identifying personality traits by speech
Andrzej Zuczkowski & Ramona Bongelli
, Perceptual and Cognitive Linguistic Indicators (PaCLIs) in a corpus of Italian written texts
Paper session - Language Acquisition and Learning
Adriana Biedron, Cognitive-affective profile of gifted foreign language learners. A report of a study
Luciane Corrêa Ferreira & Ana Cristina Pelosi Macedo
, Figurative reasoning in foreign language
Anna Franca Plastina
, Analysing attention in SLA corrective feedback and learner uptake moves
Massoud Rahimpour
, Theoretical and Practical Principles of Task-based Language Teaching
Anna Turula,
Reconsidering Schmidt's noticing hypothesis
Bee Eng Wong , Acquisition of English Tense and Agreement Morphology by Speakers of Malaysian Languages
Jerzy Zybert,
Motivational value of authentic materials
Paper session - Reading and Writing: Language Disorders
Maria Antonietta Pinto, Paolo Iliceto & Sergio Melogno, When non verbal intelligence testing becomes linguistically based metacognition. A study on university students
Chiara Valeria Marinelli, Pierluigi Zoccolotti and Paola Angelelli
, One or two orthographic lexicons? Evidence from Italian surface dyslexic and dysgraphic children
Armanda Costa & Anabela Gonçalves
, Indicators of informativity and syntactic complexity in developmental writing
Koroleva I. and Sumchenko G.,
Evaluating sensitivity to inner structure of Russian words in native school age children
Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel
, Beliefs about language learning of Polish dyslexia symptomatics and asymptomatics
Larysa Zasyekina
, Psycholinguistic Approach to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Paper session - Language and Education
Cátia de Azevedo Fronza , What do children say about speaking and writing?
Jasna Pacovská
, The application of cognitive linguistics to the didactics of the mother tongue
Maria Stec
, Syllabus Design, Implementation and Evaluation in the Context of Early Language Education
Paper session - Power and Manipulation
Fontana, R.P., Marchese, M., Jacobone, V., Epifani, M.C., Climate Change Awareness: An explorative study on the persuasion strategies of a communication campaign
Rosa Maria de Britto Cosenza,
Les stratégies du discourse juridique
Ewa Bogdanowska-Jakubowska , Nonverbal face management in intercultural communication
Khvorost Khrystyna
, The Impact of Information of Political Discourse on Individual
Paper session - Psycholinguistics and Manipulation: Language and Power
Lill Sarv & Chiara de Santis , Different goals in the same discourse: How UN Copenhagen Climate Change conference became a battlefield for individual interests rather than for common good
Alla Zareva
, Expression of stance and persuasion in student academic presentations
Paper session - Problems in Translation
Claudia Cortesi, Traduire les émotions au cinéma
Serhiy Zasyekin, Psycholinguistic modeling of literary translation process
Paper session - Foreign Language Learning
Antonietta Bagnardi, Le discours scientifique en langue de spécialité
Tammy S. Gregersen , The Strategic Use of Nonverbal Communication in Persuasive Foreign Language Interaction
Natalia Ignatieva, Araceli Mejía & Ana Lilia Villegas
, Noun phrase processing in English by Spanish-speaking students
Gabriela Lojová
, Personalization as a means of increasing the effectiveness of early foreign language learning
Federica Missaglia,
Phonetic Aspects of Third Language Acquisition
Lavinia Nadrag , Research for improving romanian-english maritime communication
Anna Studenska
, Foreign Language Learning self regulation Difficulty Inventory (FLSDI)
Mónica B. Ziegler & Adriana I. Pavy
, Foreign Language Learning: The Affective Domain In Teacher-Learners
Poster session
Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni, Carla Canestrari, Mina Sehdev, Cinzia Buldorini, Andrzej Zuczkowski , The communication of Certainty/Uncertainty and Hedging in Scientific Writing
Carla Canestrari,
The perception of humor in short verbal texts
Teresa Condelipes, Armanda Costa & Fernando Martins , Determinant factors for hesitation in stuttering
Michelina Savino & Rita Fiore
, The Contribution of Instrumental Phonetic Analysis in Assessing the Efficacy of Stuttering Treatments
Marina Massimi
, Persuasion, images and the five senses, in sermons and narratives in Colonial Brazil
Valeria Rosaria Minervini
, Metaphor in spots: How advertisement language constructs images of reality
Filomena Elaine Paiva Assolini
, Literacy Teachers, Initial Formation and the Matter of Reading: Echoes of Memory in the Pedagogical Knowledges and Practice
Ilaria Riccioni & Silvia Lo Bue
, Offering advice in troubles talk situations: An empirical study
Mirella Zanobini, M. Carmen Usai and Francesca Cozzani
, Relationship between language development and self-regulation in 2- to 3- year-old children
Maria Luisa Giancaspro
, Advertising and sports events: A language of cultural promotion
Ilaria Reggi,
Emotion and persuation: Rethorical strategies in advertising

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