Urban freight transport modelling: an agent-specific approach
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pp. 112,      1a edizione  2013   (Codice editore 365.931)

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In breve
The book describes techniques useful in forecasting and aptimizing urban freight movements. Policy interventions often yield unsatisfactory results because insufficient attention is paid to behavioural aspects. The empirical study of relations and interactions between agents within the supply chain is a key area of analysis in order to define the performance of the system as a whole.
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The book discusses procedures developed to model urban freight transport. Forecasting agent-specific reactions calls for an appropriate elicitation and thorough investigation of retailers', transport provieders' and own-account operators' preferences. State-of-the-art data acquisition, based on efficient design strategy, is adopted to construct the stated ranking exercises administered to the interviewees and appropriate discrete choice models are estimated.
This empirical research domain has great potential and will possibly develop useful instruments for policy evaluation and system optimisation.

Edoardo Marcucci is an associate Professor of Transport Economics at the University of Roma Tre. He is secretay and co-founder of the International Transport Economic Association. His research interests focus on discrete choice modelling, urban freight distribution, group decision making and policy evaluation.
Valerio Gatta is a fellow researcher and lecturer at the University of Roma Tre in transport demand analysis. He holds a PhD in Statistics from University of Roma "Sapienza" and a MSc in Econometrics from Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His research interests focus on: discrete choice modelling, freight transport and marketing. He published several papers in international refereed journals.
Amanda Stathopoulos works in the Transport and Mobility Laboratory at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne following her PhD at Trieste University. Her research focuses on the exploration of behavioural findings at odds with standard random utility models. She has published papers on freight behaviour, commuting and residential choice in international refereed journals.
Eva Valeri is a research assistant and lecturer at the University of Trieste where she obtained her PhD. She participated in several research projects and concentrated her research on: discrete choice modelling, urban freight transport, transport competition, policy evaluation, industrial organization, electric mobility and car sharing. She published in international refereed journals.


Index of figures
Index of tables
Index of acronyms
Context and literature review
(Description of study area; UFT agents and their coordination; Review of UFT policy measures; Review of UFT modelling approaches)
(Experimental design; Model estimation)
(Separated and joint stakeholder meetings; Selection of experts; Organisation; Stakeholder consultations; Data collection; Questionnaire development; Questionnaire administration; Data description)
Results and policy implications
(Agent-generic effects; Inter-agent heterogeneity; Agent-specific heterogeneity and non-linearity; Intra-agent heterogeneity : own account; Non-linear effects: retailers; Intra-agent heterogeneity and non-linear effects: transport providers)
Summary and conclusions
Bibliographical references.

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