Franca Ferrari

Giochi d'ascolto

L'ascolto musicale come tecnica di animazione

cod. 631.4

Amalia Lavinia Rizzo

Teaching a musical instrument to pupils with special educational needs

Inclusion in the Italian school mode

In Italy, the presence of music-oriented secondary schools (SMIM) represents a valuable opportunity to enhance the use of music in order to raise the level of inclusiveness of each institution. Music fits positively into the dialectic between education and inclusion as it is a significant developmental experience that enhances the participation and learning of pupils with all types of special educational needs and makes the entire community more welcoming.

cod. 10292.22

Carla Bisleri, Franca Ferrario

La supervisione

Orientamenti ed esperienze di guida dei tirocini professionali

cod. 1416.6