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La rigenerazione e innovazione delle organizzazioni come questione nazionale Italia, crisi e progetto
Autori/Curatori: Federico Butera 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2011 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  31 P. 119-149 Dimensione file:  538 KB
DOI:  10.3280/SO2011-002006
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The economic crisis in Italy, as in Europe, affects heavily private companies and Public Administrations. In a few cases, however, organizations displayed an admirable capability of coping, due to innovation in design and management. An Italian Way of Doing industry is emerging. The paper advocates a new stream of policy oriented researches about cases and new paradigms Italian production system and Public Administration made in cooperation among institutions, universities, companies, associations: the basis for a new industrial policy. Collaborative projects of innovation and change management in specific companies and administrations should be fostered and supported, by developing best cases, new paradigms and communities of innovators. Innovation and changes in the organization may have a relevant impact upon macro dimensions of economy. Our society of organizations requires to all of them an improved capacity for coping dramatic changes. On the other hand, new forms of organizations may have a decisive impact on productivity and regulation. New products and services, new processes and a new model of consumption are part of a destructive creation that should be managed. The proposal is to cope the crisis by raising a strong scientific, cultural, professional movement oriented to invent a regenerate organization in private and public sector. Criteria drawn by our recent research are suggested. An agenda includes research and actions and the following areas of design and development: networks of territories and enterprises opened to the international market; integral enterprises as a basis of the Italian Way of Doing Industry; Public Administrations doing more with less; high reliability organizations; sustainable organizations; organization for social defence; new model of consumption; enterprises web 2.0.; broad professions.

Keywords: Organizational innovation, change management, organizational capabilities, new model of organization, broad profession

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Federico Butera, in "STUDI ORGANIZZATIVI " 2/2011, pp. 119-149, DOI:10.3280/SO2011-002006


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