La qualità della comunicazione via web per la promozione del turismo nautico

Author/s Clara Benevolo, Elena Morchio
Publishing Year 2015 Issue 2015/2
Language Italian Pages 23 P. 291-313 File size 105 KB
DOI 10.3280/ED2015-002004
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An adequate web presence is an essential requirement for tourism companies, to properly communicate with potential and actual customers in both the local and the international market. In this paper, the role of web communication in nautical tourism is analysed, with a specific focus on tourism ports. An assessment model is proposed for the quality of web communication of tourism ports, which is later applied to a sample of Italian ports in Northern Sardinia. The resulting evaluation - integrated with a comparison with national and international benchmarks - leads to the identification of a set of policies and tools capable to increase the value of tourism ports and to improve the promotion of nautical tourism through web and social media.

Keywords: Nautical tourism, tourist ports web communication, website evaluation.

Jel codes: M31, M37, Z33.

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Clara Benevolo, Elena Morchio, La qualità della comunicazione via web per la promozione del turismo nautico in "ECONOMIA E DIRITTO DEL TERZIARIO " 2/2015, pp 291-313, DOI: 10.3280/ED2015-002004