Supporting Agro-food Enterprises in Piedmont: A Counterfactual Analysis

Author/s Sara Pavone, Elena Ragazzi, Lisa Sella
Publishing Year 2015 Issue 2015/3 Suppl.
Language Italian Pages 15 P. 129-143 File size 233 KB
DOI 10.3280/SCRE2015-S03007
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This paper aims at analysing the role played by the Rural Development Programme in supporting the agro-food industry in Piedmont (Italy). This is a first attempt to design an ex-post quasi experimental counterfactual evaluation of the net impact of the subsidy. The counterfactual has been selected by adopting the Coarsened Exact Matching technique, a quite recent imbalance-reducing matching method. Final results suggest a stabilizing effect of the subsidy in a period characterized by a sever worldwide economic crisis. Furthermore, this exercise shows that the matching technique, the chosen timing, and the quality of the available data do strongly influence the impact analysis.

Keywords: Policy evaluation; agro-food industry; counterfactual analysis; coarsened exact matching

Jel codes: L78; O25; D04; C4

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  • Do local subsidies to firms create jobs? Counterfactual evaluation of an Italian regional experience Giuseppe Porro, Valentina Salis, in Papers in Regional Science /2018 pp.1039
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Sara Pavone, Elena Ragazzi, Lisa Sella, Sostenere le imprese agro-industriali in Piemonte: un’analisi controfattuale in "SCIENZE REGIONALI " 3 Suppl./2015, pp 129-143, DOI: 10.3280/SCRE2015-S03007