International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Marco Odello

Global Violence.

Consequences and Responses

Different forms of armed violence (asymmetrical warfare, terrorism) need to be addressed from different perspectives and proper compliance with existing human rights and humanitarian law norms need to be verified. This book contains a series of contributions by legal experts, academics and practitioners on the problem of contemporary forms of “global violence”.

cod. 1136.88

International Institute of Humanitarian Law

Non-State Actors and International Humanitarian Law.

Organized armed groups: a challenge for the 21st century

In a security landscape characterised by the changing nature of armed conflicts and the proliferation of non-state actors, the problem of the applicability and enforcement of international humanitarian law poses a number of new controversial issues and fundamental challenges. Difficulties arise in clarifying the very notion of non-state actors; in defining whether and when they are parties to an armed conflict; in ensuring their adherence to relevant principles and rules of international humanitarian law; in preventing, prosecuting and sanctioning violations.

cod. 1136.85