La creazione di valore di lungo periodo nelle destinazioni crocieristiche: passaparola e soddisfazione del passeggero

Author/s Francesco Parola, Lara Penco, Luca Persico, Giovanni Satta
Publishing Year 2013 Issue 2013/1
Language Italian Pages 22 P. 7-28 File size 365 KB
DOI 10.3280/ED2013-001001
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This paper contributes to the theme of the cruise tourism impact on the local community, assuming a long-term perspective, and investigates the effect of overall destination satisfaction on cruiser’s word-of-mouth (WoM) behaviour in the ports of Genoa, Bari and Messina (Italy). Moreover, the study analyses the relation between port-related satisfaction attributes (availability of well designed and comfortable shopping areas and the endowment of properly organized and reliable ground transportation) and the overall destination satisfaction. Outcomes add to the theoretical literature whereas practical implications for managers and policy makers are discussed.

Keywords: Cruise industry, destination satisfaction, word-of-mouth.

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Francesco Parola, Lara Penco, Luca Persico, Giovanni Satta, La creazione di valore di lungo periodo nelle destinazioni crocieristiche: passaparola e soddisfazione del passeggero in "ECONOMIA E DIRITTO DEL TERZIARIO " 1/2013, pp 7-28, DOI: 10.3280/ED2013-001001