L’"altra" pena di morte: l’ergastolo negli Stati Uniti

Author/s Emilio C. Viano
Publishing Year 2014 Issue 2014/1 Language Italian
Pages 22 P. 127-148 File size 149 KB
DOI 10.3280/SISS2014-001011
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The sentence of life in prison, with or without possibility of parole, is imposed quite frequently in the United States, differently than in most developed countries. This work examines the historical and cultural reasons behind such practice and critically examines why the reasons used to justify such penalty do not work and why this penalty is actually counterproductive and deeply damaging to society. The article also examines recent correctional trends in the United States, pointing out powerful forces and interests that support the harsh and punitive correctional system generally operating in the country.

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Emilio C. Viano, L’"altra" pena di morte: l’ergastolo negli Stati Uniti in "SICUREZZA E SCIENZE SOCIALI" 1/2014, pp 127-148, DOI: 10.3280/SISS2014-001011