The psychological impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the perinatal period: a brief review of the literature on the Italian and international context

Author/s Stefania Cataudella, Nicola Congiu, Giulia Langiu
Publishing Year 2022 Issue 2022/1 Language Italian
Pages 24 P. 15-38 File size 306 KB
DOI 10.3280/PDS2022-001003
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The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced many aspects of life, including birth and the transition to motherhood. A narrative review was conducted to evaluate the psychological impact of Covid-19 pandemic on perinatal period. Italian, European and International studies were com-pared. Studies were identified using Scopus and Google Scholar databases for the period be-tween March and October 2020. Thirty-six studies met the inclusion criteria. All the studies, focused mainly in the prenatal period, have shown increased stress, anxie-ty and depressive symptoms. Family support, partner support, secure attachment and correct information emerged as protective factors. The perinatal period represents a period of vulnera-bility but has received little attention in its psychological implications. Perinatal care service need to consider that this situation, such as the current pandemic, can exacerbate some aspects of women’s vulnerability, both from a medical and psychological perspective. This can have consequences for the well-being of the mother-child couple.

Keywords: Perinatal period and Covid-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression in pregnancy, birth and Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Perinatal Loss Experienced by the Parental Couple: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study Loredana Cena, Alice Trainini, Nella Tralli, Luisa Silvia Nodari, Erika Iacona, Lucia Ronconi, Ines Testoni, in JMIR Research Protocols /2022 pp.e38866
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Stefania Cataudella, Nicola Congiu, Giulia Langiu, L’impatto psicologico della pandemia da Covid-19 sul periodo perinatale: una breve review dei primi dati della letteratura sul contesto italiano ed internazionale in "PSICOLOGIA DELLA SALUTE" 1/2022, pp 15-38, DOI: 10.3280/PDS2022-001003