Vitality and Psychotherapy: A Systematic Review of Literature

Author/s Dario Davì, Federica Sciacca
Publishing Year 2024 Issue 2023/2
Language Italian Pages 14 P. 51-64 File size 266 KB
DOI 10.3280/GEST2023-002004
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Vitality refers to a fundamental aspect of human experience that is essential for the development of self-awareness and self-reflection. The aim of this study is to understand how the use of vitality in psychotherapy can be a working tool to support the patient, and which studies have been conducted on this construct. Therefore, a systematic literature review was conducted exploring the different studies that have dealt with vitality in the psychotherapeutic and/or clinical context. Results showed that vitality is a measurable indicator through various instruments and that it is positively correlated with a psycho-therapeutic course integrated with body awareness, naturopathic and artistic techniques. It also emerges that Gestalt psychotherapy, despite being a therapeutic approach that supports vitality within the therapist-patient field, has not taken the time to measure and operationalise a pivotal concept in its working method. This result invites us to reflect on the contribution that we, as clinicians, are called upon to make within the clinical-scientific landscape.

Keywords: itality, psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, sistematic review, outcome.

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Dario Davì, Federica Sciacca, Vitalità e psicoterapia: una rassegna sistematica della letteratura in "QUADERNI DI GESTALT" 2/2023, pp 51-64, DOI: 10.3280/GEST2023-002004