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In 2002 La Società degli individui (Society of Individuals) won the "Viaggio a Siracusa" prize for philosophical journals. The journal was born out of the long research experience of a group of Italian and foreign scholars from a range of disciplines (philosophy, history, sociology, psychology) and their more recent experience in courses and university seminars, an experience which led to the creation, in Parma, of the 'Centre of Research into Individualism and Community'. The history, exponents and phenomenology of individualism, the relationship between individualism and modernity, the meaning of an individualistic ethic, the moments of conflict and convergence between traditions of solidary thought and individualistic thought, the means of possible mediation between self-affirmative needs and those of a community - these are subjects that La società degli individui addresses through contributions based on different methodologies.
The section Essays (Saggi) hosts contributions of a theoretical or historical nature, emphasising issues relevant not just to specialist debate; in the Archive (Archivio), considerable space is given to papers, previously unpublished in Italian, which address a theme (different in each issue) from a long-term historical perspective; the Interval (Intermezzo) proposes brief literary or poetical suggestions, experimenting possible communication between different languages; the Two Voices (A due voci) section solicits discussion on relevant cultural and social events, while the Notes (Note) section provides information to help the reader build up a small specialist library.

General editor: Ferruccio Andolfi.
Editorial staff: Simona Del Bono, Donatella Gorreta, Sandra Manzi-Manzi, Lorenzo Sala.
Editors: Francesca Sofia Alexandratos, Silvano Allasia, Simona Bertolini, Valeria Bizzari, Thomas Casadei, Marco Deriu, Laura Gherardi, Giulia Lasagni, Chiara Marchetti, Corrado Piroddi, Matteo Santarelli, Marina Savi, Mauro Simonazzi, Timothy Tambassi, Chiara Tortora.
Editorial board: Nicola Antonetti (università di Parma), Laura Boella (università di Milano), Alessandro Bosi (università di Parma), Beatrice Centi (università di Parma), Paolo Costa (fondazione "Bruno Kessler" di Trento), Enrico Donaggio (università di Torino), Roberto Escobar (università di Milano), Alessandro Ferrara (università di Roma "Tor Vergata"), Rino Genovese (Scuola Normale di Pisa), Marco Ingrosso (università di Ferrara), Sergio Manghi (università di Parma), Loredana Sciolla (università di Torino), Alberto Siclari (università di Parma), Italo Testa (università di Parma), Silvia Vegetti Finzi (università di Pavia).
International editorial board: Gabriel Amengual, Thomas Baumeister, Ronald Beiner, Fina Birulés, Nancy Fraser, Axel Honneth, Charles Larmore, Steven Lukes, Emmanuel Renault, Jordi Riba, Fernando Savater, Jacques Texier, Carlos Thiebaut, Adriana Veríssimo Serrao, Maurice Weyemberg.
Consultants Editors: Angela Ales-Bello, Carlo Altini, Andrea Borsari, Francesca Brezzi, Rosa Calcaterra, Antonella Cutro, Annamaria Contini, Marcella D’Abbiero, Dimitri D’Andrea, Fulvia De Luise, Giuseppe Farinetti, Francesco Fistetti, Gregor Fitzi, Marisa Forcina, Vittoria Franco, Wolfgang Huemer, Antonino Laganà, Carmen Leccardi, Aldo Meccariello, Rita Messori, Linda Napolitano Valditara, Stefano Petrucciani, Gianfranco Ragona, Annamaria Rivera, Fabio Rossi, Marco Solinas, Davide Sparti, Gabriella Turnaturi, Nadia Urbinati, Adriano Zamperini.
Graphic project: Rossana Capasso
Tutti gli articoli inviati alla rivista sono valutati da referee anonimi

Editorial office: Dipartimento di Filosofia - Via D’Azeglio 85 - 43100 Parma - Tel. 0521-902340. Fax: 902551. e-mail:; Sito:

Manuscripts are blind-reviewed by two anonymous referees

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Articles concerning individuals or containing personal information that makes a human subject identifiable must comply with the international standards set by the Declaration of Helsinki, developed by the World Medical Association (WMA) and revised in 2013.

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