The economic case of psychosocial care of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UAMs) in Italy: A brief policy report

Autori/Curatori Vittoria Ardino, Giacomo Di Benedetto
Anno di pubblicazione 2017 Fascicolo 2017/2 Lingua Inglese
Numero pagine 25 P. 55-79 Dimensione file 289 KB
DOI 10.3280/MAL2017-002004
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Objective. To conduct an economic evaluation of psychosocial care for unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy. Methods. Cost-effectiveness analysis was performed by comparing the current system of care with an Empirically Based Model (EBM) and by adopting both a health and social care and a societal perspective. If the EBM was successful in providing a more adequate care, cost savings could arise from reduced use of health and social care services, education support, and from problematic behaviours averted. Results. Results suggest that the EBM implementation could reduce service use and longer term adverse outcomes. The programme could be a cost saving to the health and social care system and to the society with a cost-benefit ratio of 1€: 2.36€ and an overall saving to society of 4,581,300 €. Conclusions. Psychosocial care is crucial to the well being of UAMs. These results underscore the importance of considering a more integrated system of care for promoting further cost-effective psychosocial programmes.

Keywords:Unaccompanied foreign minors, economic evaluation, pyschosocial care, policy.

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Vittoria Ardino, Giacomo Di Benedetto, The economic case of psychosocial care of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UAMs) in Italy: A brief policy report in "MALTRATTAMENTO E ABUSO ALL’INFANZIA" 2/2017, pp 55-79, DOI: 10.3280/MAL2017-002004