Parenting during COVID-19 emergency: Perceived stress and children’s emotional difficulties.

Author/s Elena Canzi, Laura Ferrari, Giulia Lopez, Francesca Vittoria Danioni, Sonia Ranieri, Miriam Parise, Ariela Francesca Pagani, Daniela Barni, Silvia Donato, Anna Bertoni, Giada Rapelli, Raffaella Iafrate, MargheritaLanz, Camillo Regalia, Rosa Rosnati
Publishing Year 2021 Issue 2021/1 Language Italian
Pages 18 P. 29-46 File size 214 KB
DOI 10.3280/MAL2021-001003
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A growing body of research has documented the negative impact of COVID-19 containment measures on children’s psychological well-being. The role of parental stress and the specific impact of different parental stressors on children’s difficulties are underinvestigated. The current cross-sectional study was aimed at exploring the link between children’s (3-17 years of age) emotional difficulties and some specific sources of parental stress after the first lockdown period and which sources of parental stress contribute to children’s difficulties. 506 Italian parents filled in an online questionnaire at the end of June 2020. Results showed that the limitation of social interactions and family life arrangements have a significant impact on children’s difficulties, suggesting focused interventions aimed at reducing the negative impact of the pandemic on younger generations.

Keywords: COVID-19; stress; emotional difficulties; parent-child relationship.

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Elena Canzi, Laura Ferrari, Giulia Lopez, Francesca Vittoria Danioni, Sonia Ranieri, Miriam Parise, Ariela Francesca Pagani, Daniela Barni, Silvia Donato, Anna Bertoni, Giada Rapelli, Raffaella Iafrate, MargheritaLanz, Camillo Regalia, Rosa Rosnati, Essere genitori durante l’emergenza COVID-19: stress percepito e difficoltà emotive dei figli in "MALTRATTAMENTO E ABUSO ALL’INFANZIA" 1/2021, pp 29-46, DOI: 10.3280/MAL2021-001003