Yasmeen Lari’s prototypes: dissemination and social value of two housing modules

Journal title TERRITORIO
Author/s Sara Anna Sapone, Arianna Scaioli
Publishing Year 2022 Issue 2022/100
Language Italian Pages 12 P. 57-68 File size 836 KB
DOI 10.3280/TR2022-100006
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The contribution proposes the critical reinterpretation of two housing prototypes by Yasmeen Lari, revealing a transversal design approach capable of integrating notions of social and environmental justice, democratizing the conception of space and construction, translating and finding a synthesis in the designed architectures and their diffusion. A first focus reflects on the materiality and reproducibility of housing prototypes, underlining the complementarity between physical and digital experiences. The second focus, dealing with the issue of integrating a gender-sensitive perspective, reflects on the potential of these architectures in becoming an empowerment tool for women. Ultimately, the text opens up to the impact of these minimal architectures on the society that welcomes them.

Keywords: prototypical architectures; diffusion and scalability; gender- sensitive approach

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Sara Anna Sapone, Arianna Scaioli, I prototipi di Yasmeen Lari: diffusione e valore sociale di due moduli abitativi in "TERRITORIO" 100/2022, pp 57-68, DOI: 10.3280/TR2022-100006