The Changing Firm

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The Changing Firm

Contributions from the history of economic thought. Selected papers from the 7th Conference of Aispe-Associazione italiana per la storia del pensiero economico

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Edition: 1a edizione 2005

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The ambiguity contained in the title of this book ("The Changing Firm"), given the two possible interpretations of the verb "to change" in a transitive rather than an intransitive sense, is intentional. The firm is, in fact, a place where changes occur, but also a subject which continually introduces innovations and reflects them in its economic and social environment. The analysis of the internal organisation of the firm and of the latter as a subject promoting innovation has been at the centre of economic thought right from the beginning. Starting from Cantillon, Beccaria and Smith, until recent times, the firm has been the heart of research on technological, organisational and institutional change, taking place both within it and in connection with the outside world.

The subjects forming the firm, and the production and organisational mechanisms that typify it have been traced as the sources of development, whether progress is seen as endogenous in the firm or, conversely, when this latter is seen as the terminal of processes that originated outside. The subtitle of the book ("Contributions from the history of economic thought") alludes to the conviction that the study of past contributions to the theory of the firm, innovation and technological change may be useful to present-day theorising in economics. This is revealed, inter alia , by the Smith studies, the Marshall studies, and the research on Schumpeter, Institutional economics and the theories of growth.

The book collects the keynote addresses - by Giuseppe Bonazzi, Gianfranco Dioguardi, Arnold Heertje, Enzo Pontarollo, Nathan Rosenberg and Malcolm Rutherford - and the selected papers of the Seventh Conference of Aispe (Italian Association for the History of Economic Thought), which was held in Brescia on 20th-22th February 2003.

Marco E.L. Guidi, Daniela Parisi, Introduzione
Part I. The firm as restless institution: from past to present
Arnold Heertje, Economics, technical change, the firm and entrepreneurs: an overview from Cantillon to Schumpeter
Malcolm Rutherford, The firm in American institutional economics
Nathan Rosemberg, Schumpeter and history
Gianfranco Dioguardi, From economic thought to organisational theories: the lesson of history
Giuseppe Bonazzi, Theory of the firm and organisational analysis: conditions and prospects for an interdisciplinary encounter
Enzo Pontarollo, Recent developments of economic theory on entrepreneurship
Part II. Legaciens of the past
Daniela Parisi, Enrico Reggiani, Describing/explaining economic reality through words: the notion of "firm"
Marco E.L. Guidi, Division of labour and technical change: the Smithian legacy in Italy from Melchiorre Gioja to Carlo Cattaneo
Manuela Mosca, The "industrial mentality" of Angelo Marescotti
Katia Caldari, Alfred Marshall between "tradition" and "modernity": analysis and criticism of scientific management
Pier Francesco Asso, Luca Fiorito, Beyond homo oeconomicus. The rise and fall of instinct theory in institutional economics
Francesca Lidia Viano, Cognitive models and enterprise: Veblen revisited
Santina Cutrona, Veblen and the firm
Alberto Tulumello, Max Weber and Joseph A. Schumpeter: the capitalist entrepreneur between ethics and the market
Gianfranco Tusset, Italian economists and the discourse on the entrepreneur
Gaetano Martino, Change in the internal division of labour in Edith T. Penrose's Theory of the Growth of the Firm
Rosaria Rita Canale, Microfoundation of macroeconomics. Post-Keynesian contributions on the theory of the firm
Angel Rodriguez García-Brazales, Jorge Turmo Arnal, Oscar Vara Crespo, How the performance of firms leads economists to improve their theories: the case of endogenous growth
Fiorenza Belussi, Industrial districts/local production systems as hyper-networks: a neo-Marshallian interpretative frame
Emilia Bonaccorsi di Patti, Economic theory and regulation: research in industrial organization and the evolution of EEC merger control (1960-90)
Arnaldo Canziani, On the economic nature of the firm

Contributors: Pier Francesco Asso, Fiorenza Belussi, Emilia Bonaccorsi di Patti, Giuseppe Bonazzi, Katia Caldari, Rosaria Rita Canale, Arnaldo Canziani, Santina Cutrona, Gianfranco Dioguardi, Luca Fiorito, Angel Rodriguez Garcia-Brazales, Arnold Heertje, Gaetano Martino, Manuela Mosca, Enzo Pontarollo, Enrico Reggiani, Nathan Rosenberg, Malcolm Rutherford, Alberto Tulumello, Jorge Turmo Arnal, Gianfranco Tusset, Oscar Vara Crespo, Francesca Lidia Viano

Serie: Economia - Teoria economica - Pensiero economico

Subjects: History of Economic Thought

Level: Scholarly Research

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