External costs of transport systems: Theory and applications.

A cura di: Umberto Crisalli, Ernesto Cipriani, Gaetano Fusco

External costs of transport systems: Theory and applications.

Selected papers

This book contains a selection of the papers presented during the Scientific Seminar 2010 of the Italian Society of Transportation Scholars, which focuses on mathematical models and techniques to investigate the external costs of transport systems, including some case studies.

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The Scientific Seminar 2010 of the Italian Society of Transportation Scholars (SIDT) was organized within the annual international conference of the Society, which took place in Rome on the theme of the "External costs of transport systems".
This book contains a selection of the papers presented during the Scientific Seminar, which focuses on mathematical models and techniques to investigate the external costs of transport systems, including some case studies.
This is the second book of SIDT proceedings written in English in order to disseminate SIDT activities to the international community.
Selected papers provide an overview on the research activities of SIDT members, representing all the Italian university professors and researchers who study and teach topics in transportation, and contributing to the community debate on transport systems and related topics.

Umberto Crisalli is Associate Professor in Transportation at the Department of Enterprise Engineering of "Tor Vergata" University of Rome. He teaches "Traffic Flow Theory", "Transportation System Theory" and "Transport Terminals". His main research fields concern models for the analysis and design of public transport and city logistics.
Ernesto Cipriani is Assistant Professor in Transportation at the Department of Engineering of University "Roma Tre". He teaches "Urban and metropolitan transportation systems" and "Air transport". His research activity concerns models for the estimation of traffic demand and the design of urban transportation systems.
Gaetano Fusco is Associate Professor of Transportation at the Faculty of Engineering of Sapienza University of Roma, where he teaches "Traffic Engineering" and "Intelligent Transportation Systems". His research interests are mainly addressed to Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Modelling.

Agostino Nuzzolo, Preface
Ernesto Cipriani, Umberto Crisalli, Gaetano Fusco, Introduction
Luca Persia, Roberto Gigli, Angelo De Libero,
Benchmarking Italian road safety performance
Vittorio Astarita, Giuseppe Guido, Frank F. Saccomanno, Alessandro Vitale, Demetrio C. Festa, Vincenzo Giofrè, Investigating safety issues in two-way rural highways
Armando Cartenì, Stefano de Luca, A method for estimating traffic fuel consumption and vehicle emissions: an application to the Community Energy Plan of Salerno
Ennio Cascetta, Vincenzo Punzo,
Impact on vehicle speeds and pollutant emissions of a fully automated section speed control scheme on the Naples urban motorway
Antonio Danesi, Marino Lupi, Federico Rupi, Joerg Schweizer, Licia Venturini,
Reducing transport emission costs with Personal Rapid Transit: a case study
Margaret Carol Bell, Fabio Galatioto, Marco Migliore, Stefano Santo Ristagno,
Air quality model validation in urban area: a new approach using a wireless pervasive sensor system
Nicola Gualandi, Luca Mantecchini, Filippo Paganelli, Airport noise charges and local communities: evaluation and implications on commercial flights
Gianfranco Fancello, Maria Grazia Carta, Paolo Fadda, An experimental evaluation of text reading for Variable Message Signs an Italian case study
Matteo Ignaccolo, Giuseppe Inturri, Salvatore Caprì, Simulating the effects of different Road Pricing policies applied to a medium-sized urban area
Antonino Tripodi, Luca Persia, Analysis of externalities related to the introduction of a Bike Sharing system in an urban area
Sandro Bartolucci, Maria Vittoria Corazza, Roberta Mainella, Antonio Musso, Michele Tozzi, The Car Sharing Experience in Rome: when less is more
Sandro Mantovani, Marialisa Nigro,
The lack of secure parking areas for freight transport in Lazio Region (Italy): identification of externalities
Stefano Carrese, Marialisa Nigro, Stefano Saracchi, Definition of an operational priority for security of road freight transport in parking areas
Agostino Nuzzolo, Umberto Crisalli, Antonio Comi,
Ex-ante assessment of road transport emissions: application to the Italian case
Giulio Margarita, Francesco Sorace,
Risk analysis in railways system: an application on hot box detection system
Annamaria Tiso, Mauro Dell'Orco, Domenico Sassanelli,
A "Coordination" and "Negotiation" methodology as a tool to reduce external transportation costs
Massimo Di Gangi, Elia Ferreri, Antonio Pratelli, Definition of transit service operating plan: the case of a new tramway line in Florence
Alessandra Libardo, Dario Trabucco,
A new approach on infrastructural planning: embodied energy as a benchmark of sustainability
Riccardo Rossi, Massimiliano Gastaldi, Gregorio Gecchele, Analysis of drivers' behavior in different environments: experiments with a driving simulator
Alessandro Baldassarra, Emilio Giannitti, Stefano Impastato, Analytical and simulation model for car-following flow analysis at level crossings
Guido Gentile, Daniele Tiddi,
Emissions and delay minimization on highly congested corridors through traffic signal setting.

Contributors: Vittorio Astarita, Sandro Bartolucci, Margaret Carol Bell, Salvatore Caprì, Stefano Carrese, Maria Grazia Carta, Armando Cartenì, Ennio Cascetta, Antonio Comi, Maria Vittoria Corazza, Antonio Danesi, Angelo De Libero, Stefano de Luca, Mauro Dell'Orco, Paolo Fadda, Gianfranco Fancello, Elia Ferreri, Demetrio Carmine Festa, Fabio Galatioto, Massimiliano Gastaldi, Gregorio Gecchele, Guido Gentile, Emilio Giannitti, Roberto Gigli, Vincenzo Giofrè, Nicola Gualandi, Giuseppe Guido, Matteo Ignaccolo, Stefano Impastato, Giuseppe Inturri, Alessandra Libardo, Marino Lupi, Roberta Mainella, Luca Mantecchini, Sandro Mantovani, Giulio Margarita, Marco Migliore, Antonio Musso, Marialisa Nigro, Agostino Nuzzolo, Filippo Paganelli, Luca Persia, Antonio Pratelli, Vincenzo Punzo, Stefano Santo Ristagno, Riccardo Rossi, Federico Rupi, Frank F. Saccomanno, Stefano Saracchi, Domenico Sassanelli, Joerg Schweizer, Francesco Sorace, Daniele Tiddi, Annamaria Tiso, Michele Tozzi, Dario Trabucco, Antonino Tripodi, Licia Venturini, Alessandro Vitale

Serie: Trasporti

Subjects: Infrastructure and Transport

Level: Scholarly Research

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