Food, agriculture and the environment.

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Food, agriculture and the environment.

Economic Issues

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Edizione: 1a edizione 2005

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This book contains contributions from an international group of researchers on the role of agricultural production within a global economy and on the emerging process of globalization for the related Italian agro-food sector open issues. These being the subjects of research done at the University of Padova Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro-forestali, funded by the Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo.

The four main research topics are encompassed: agricultural policies from protectionism to liberalization, international trade in agro-food products with particular attention paid to Italy and the European Union, food security and globalization, and the need for governance of the global market.

The first part of the book mainly explores the critical issues related to the globalization of international markets and agriculture.

The second part contains papers investigating food, agriculture and policy economics. These include interesting and in-depth discussions on issues such as food quality and safety, consumer attitude and behaviour, producer strategies and the importance of some food characteristics, i.e. certified origin.

The natural resources and environmental economics and policy section, which forms the third part of the book, includes several studies, many dealing with the implementation of evaluation methods. Different methodologies have been applied in various scenarios to provide welfare estimates for the use of natural resources and public goods. Amongst these, particular attention is devoted to the issue of water assessment.

Edi Defrancesco is professor of Agricultural Economics and Policy at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padova.

Luigi Galletto is professor of Agricultural Economics and Policy at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padova.

Mara Thiene is researcher of Rural Appraisal at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padova.

Antonio Finotti, Foreword
Edi Defrancesco, Luigi Galletto, Mara Thiene, Preface
Global trade, international markets and agriculture
Ottone Ferro, The WTO prospects after Cancun: the European Union position on agroindustrial products
Jean Kinsey, Food safety and securety issues in agro-food policy and global trade
Luciano Venturini, Discussion of OttoneFerro and Jean Kinsey papers
Mauro Poinelli, An economic assessment of the international protection of geographical indications
G. Edward Schuh, Agricultural policy in an increasingly integrated international economy
C. Ford Runge, Discussion of Mauro Poinelli and G. Edward Schuh papers
C. Ford Runge, Discussion of Mauro Poinelli and G. Edward Schuh papers
Food and agriculture economic and policy
Andrea Berti, Maurizio Canavari, Robert P: King, The supply chain for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in the United States
Michael Stopford, Agriculture and the development agenda: corporate responsibility and multi-stakeolder partnerships
Luigi Galletto, Luca Rossetto, The market of grappa in LSR: an analysis of scanner data
Antonio Boggia, Andrea Marchini, Rossella Pampanini, The economic, social and environmental impact of the Tabacco Common Market Organisation Reform
Luigi Galletto, Marketing the Prosecco wine: consumers' attitudes and producers' strategies
Benjamin Senauer, Luciano Venturini, The globalization of food systems: a conceptual framework and empirical patterns
Alessandra Castellini, Carlo Pirazzoli, Fair trade between rural development and international trade - First step of analysis
Maurizio Canavari, Farid Davoodabady Farahany, Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr., Consumer acceptance of traditional and nutritionally enhanced genetically modified food: a probit analysis of public survey data in Italy
Edi Defrancesco, Andrea Galvan, Functional foods: Consumers willingness to pay for red chicory "Radicchio di Chioggia" enhanced with antioxidant compounds
Gianluca Stefani, Donato Romano, Alessio Cavicchi, Region of origin's impact on WTP for specially food: a valuation experiment
Michele Moretto, Paola Valbonesi, Profit-sharing regulation in water service supply
Natural resources environmental economics and policy
K. William Easter, Rodney Smith, Institutional arrangements are critical for effective water markets
Douglas G. Tiffany, Vernon R. Eidman, US dry-grind ethanol production: economic competitiveness in the face of emerging technologies
Davide Viaggi, Steven J. Taff, Public acquisitions of paperty rights to serve agriculture/conservation policy: lessons from Italy and the US
Jerry Fruin, The economic value of barge transportation: a cae study of the Minneapolis Upper Harbor
K. William Easter, Yang Liu, Cesare Dosi, Cost recovery and water pricing in irrigation
Chiara D'Alpaos, Michele Moretto, Irreversible investments in the Italian water service sector: a real option analysis
Guido M. Bazzani, Vittorio Gallerani, Davide Viaggi, Meri Raggi, Fabio Bartolini, The sustainability of irrigated agriculture in Italy under water and agricultural policy scenarios
Mara Thiene, Riccardo Scarpa, Tiziano Tempesta, Outdoor recreation in North Eastern Alpes: comparing two-stage nested logit random utility models
Alice Candido, Giuseppe Stellin, Gasoline spill in the Dolomites area: an application of the indirect method for environmental damage assessment
C. Ford Runge, Edi Defrancesco, Sustainability and enclosure: land, intellectual property and biotechnologiy
Terry Roe, Capital accumulation and economic growth: the case of the retail food industry in developing countries
Alexander Amati, Gleen Pederson, Aspects of small firm research
Ward E. Nefstead, Differences in financial performance between professionally managed and large scale commercial farms: a Minnesota example
Alessandra La Notte, The potential use of geographic information technology in environmental accounting frameworks: a proposal.

Contributi: Fabio Bartolini, Guido M. Bazzani, Andrea Berti, Antonio Boggia, Maurizio Canavari, Alice Candido, Alessandra Castellini, Alessio Cavicchi, Chiara D'Alpaos, Farid Davoodabady Farahany, Cesare Dosi, K. William Easter, Vernon R. Eidman, Ottone Ferro, Antonio Finotti, Jerry Fruin, Vittorio Gallerani, Andrea Galvan, Robert P. King, Jean Kinsey, Alessandra La Notte, Yang Liu, Andrea Marchini, Michele Moretto, Rodolfo M. Nayga jr., Ward E. Nefstead, Rossella Pampanini, Glenn Pederson, Carlo Pirazzoli, Mauro Poinelli, Meri Raggi, Terry Roe, Donato Romano, Luca Rossetto, C. Ford Runge, Riccardo Scarpa, G. Edward Schuh, Benjamin Senauer, Rodney Smith, Gianluca Stefani, Giuseppe Stellin, Michael Stopford, Steven J. Taff, Tiziano Tempesta, Douglas G. Tiffany, Paola Valbonesi, Luciano Venturini, Davide Viaggi

Collana: Economia - Ricerche

Argomenti: Economia agro-alimentare

Livello: Studi, ricerche

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