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Italy Today

Social Picture and Trends 1992

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Pagine: 272

ISBN: 9788820477554

Edizione: 1a edizione 1993

Codice editore: 2000.658

Disponibilità: Discreta

The present book is a synthesis of the 26th Censis Report 1992, and is addressed to foreign observers and experts in the social field, as an original tool for knowing and avaluating the current aspects of Italian society and economy. The Report is composed by five sections: a first introductory part takes into consideration and evaluates the main social issues concerning Italy during the year. The second part aims at analysing in detail, thanks to the whealth of data supplied, the most relevant socio-economic changes, in view of their future establishment as regular phenomena. The third part probes changes and processes in the fields on education, welfatre, work, territory, environment and networks, economic actors of development. The fourth part take into consideration two strategic sector for social policies: Local Government and Society and Communication. The fifth part represents an original survey on most relevant aspects of social policies in Italy and in Europe.

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Argomenti: Rapporti Censis

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